NFT Breaking News #5 - Endless Loot Quest for #P0xBros and Zombie Cats

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 3 May 2021

You're crawling down into the darkness in search of shiny loot...

ENDLESS LOOT is an official collection of NFTs minted on the WAX blockchain. The shiny loot consists in NFT gear that is limited to 101 mints.

Was created to fill the nostalgia of old school gamers, the ones who enjoyed a good game of Dungeons and Dragons back in the days! The RPG items are meticulously designed using pixel art technique by Lucas Vicente.

Lucas is a big fan of retro games and pixel games. Read the #MeetTheArtist interview with Lucas Vincente and check @Crackers for more interviews with NFT artists!


The quests and events from Endless Loot are stories that happens around the main character, Lacky - the Goblin Weaponsmith. Quests and Events are announced in the Twitter and Telegram accounts. The Adventurer's  Backpack is required to participate and to be whitelisted for special drops. The backpack is available on ENDLESS LOOT for 1.00 WAX ($0.24)


The "Series 1" was the first loot created. The original set of gear will become desired by dungeon crawlers and many collectors will want them in their armory. There are five unique styles for each type of weapon, armor in "Series 1", with various elements and attributes. As a personal advice, check ENDLESS LOOT for swords, shields, staves, mace, axes or bows before looking at the secondary market. Avoid rip off prices for items that may be still available on direct sale! I just did that while checking the link and bough myself a nice sword, a bow and an axe that can cut through dragon skin!


I got hooked up with ENDLESS LOOT after reading the interview with Lucas and winning the Adventurer's Backpack in the giveaway! Since than, I killed an ugly troll, solved Laky's puzzle and had an eventful evening with plenty of grov rounds! Looking forward to the next adventure!


The Wizard's Call - Endless Loot Side Quest by PVM

🚨 Breaking News 🚨 You are in for a treat! You can get a free Adventurer's Backpack if you complete the quest and maybe shiny loot if you finish faster than others. Some hints can be found here in this article, while others will be available wherever I sing. The adventurer must whisper the three words spell directly to the Guild Master to obtain the loot.


The quest starts here... in the enchanted forest of P0x and this quest is available exclusively to #P0xBros. You are a bounty hunter and you were contracted by a mysterious hooded man to bring him the "Abyssal Scroll". The scroll can be used to summon a mighty demon that can be bound to a weapon and help the adventurer in combat. The issue is that the scroll was broken in three and scattered in different locations, guarded by mythical creatures.

The first part of the scroll is kept in the haunted castle, where the ghosts of the fallen are keeping away any adventurers. When approaching the castle, you drink a mysterious option that allows you to sneak and steal the 1st part of the scroll 📜

1.You have become a copy of yourself that can exist only in the light! What are you?


In the depths of the forest, in a spooky cave, was living an unknown creature. Many adventurers went to slay the beast and they never came back. The beast never leaves the cave and lurks in the shadows. You have to craw down into the darkness.  🐲 

2. You will need an element to help you find your way around the caves and also scare the beast. Which one you will use?


The last piece is hidden in the magical realm. Only a chromatic unicorn can open the portal between realms and you had to find one to complete this part of the quest. The unicorn could feel the unsullied heart and offered to take you through the magic portal. In the fae world, you find the 3rd part of the scroll. It was  surrounded by beautiful singing blue birds! 🐦 

3. Go listen the blue bird song for the 3rs part of the scroll.


You meet the mysterious hooded guy by the Dark Portal and cast the spell! Quest completed deserve your reward !


About Endleas Loot Quests and Events

The quests are announced on Tuesdays and are performed on Wednesdays. The participants must hold the Adventurer's Backpack and complete the form attached on the tweet! The addentures must be online and participate during the quest. This involves answers, teamwork, dice rolls, puzzle solving and fun.


Events are the last part of a series of quests, they are performed bi-weekly on Sundays. To enter the event, the adventurer must fill the google form that will be pinned into the announced and make sure they have the required equipment in the WAX wallet.

If all the requirements are met, new shiny loot will be sent for those participating.


Quick 48 hours giveaway! At least 6 Adventurer's Backpacks will be awarded by luck draw on Wednesday morning! This will be just in time to participate in Wednesday's adventure! If you want to join our team of Old-school gamers you need an Adventurer's Backpack 🎒 

Leave your wax and tag at least a friend for your chance to be in the draw. No tag ... no raffle ticket ! 


Zombie Cats are lurking on AtomicHub!

🚨 Breaking news 🚨 Byron Zombie Cats are now free to roam around Atomic Hub!

If you bought any packs from the "1st Litter" than you should check your WAX! Adorable but deadly cats should be there waiting for you to play with them, or just to eat your brain!

My zombie cat is not as classy as Byron's work but you can adopt Milky the Devilish Cat if you want! 



PVM's Devilish Cat

I have to show off and share the Devilish Cat with the world! Hand made in pencil, my pet is now available on the blockchain. Don't worry... Milky has both eyes in real life! 


Article summary 

The fastest 10 Adventurers to complete the quest will receive the Adventurer's Backpack, while the first to finish the quest will also receive a weapon! You must whisper the guild master the 3 words spell to be successful!

For the giveaway you must tag a friend and drop your .wam to enter in the lucky draw.

One Backpack and three Milky the Devilish Cat NFT are hidden in the article!


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