NFT Breaking News #3 - hot girls on the beach, zombies cats and gifts!

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 27 Apr 2021

Welcome to NFT Breaking News #3 . Today's edition will be about Eminem,  zombies cats and hot girls! We have claim links and we have giveaways! You seen it here first... because it's 🚨 Breaking News 🚨


Eminem partnered with Nifty Gateway and launched Slim Shady NFTs last Sunday.  There are three types of high-quality animated NFTs for sale, each containing an original beat produced by Marshall. "TOOLS OF THE TRADE" and "STILL D.G.A.F" costs $5000 and only 50 editions are minted for each collection. STAN'S REVENGE" is a 1:1 unique NFT that will be auctioned.


Last week Byron's zombies were discovered in space. They landed on a planet from the Alien Worlds Federation and were hungry for brains and Trilium. As the inter-planetary communication system is down, we don't know yet on which planet the zombie invasion started. Meanwhile, new tombstones were spotted around the world, maybe as a spoiler alert for the Tombstone II Collection


🚨 Breaking News 🚨 The only thing that can be more scary than zombies are zombie cats ... and by the look of it ... the zombie cats are coming! Just bought this beauty cheaper than a coffee.


Meanwhile on Kavian, at the RaccoonBrand stronghold, 1:1 unique NFTs are being mined.  Captain Raccoon is reminding the miners that mining 0.01 Trilium (TLM) will award 1 entry to the hourly NFT draw, while mining 0.25+ TLM will award 1 extra entry in the draw.

TokensDeal got the CyberPorn1 Collection whitelisting on WAX removed without any warning or notice. The creator said "I will never forgive WAXP for this move. We put hard work and hours into our projects". 

🚨 Breaking News 🚨 ExhibitionXXX by TokensDeal comes to fill a gap in the NFT Adult Entertainment and the collection is already Whitelisted. The application for NFTShowroom was also completed. 



You can be one of the first ones to own the #1 card in this collection by participating in this giveaway. A total of 15 Sandy:001 NFTs will be shared by lucky draw. The giveaway criteria is to tag a friend and drop the WAX address, until Sunday 2nd of May. If you are in a rush and don't want to wait, than claim this Sandy NFT now!


My friend Crackers is doing the #Meet the Artist series, interviewing NFT creators on a regular basis! I "blame" him for getting in touch with so many artists and creators, and for growing my NFT collection to new heights. He interviewed the artists from TokensDeal and the interview is very interesting. If you want to know more about Islandz and his childhood in East Africa, than this lecture is a real treat! See the full #MeetTheArtist Izlandz here!


🚨 Breaking News 🚨 Coinsteps 4th member of the "Happy Crypto Family" collection is live! Go and meet Cardano the Poet and be ones one of the 60 lucky users that will get a NFT through the lucky draw. Go there and drop your WAX before Wednesday 28th of April at 15:00 UTC. Hurry up! b2d6a45c42be8d750255b0ecfa1d826c42dd67fb304b67437b6f6cbf727a6b06.png

Endless Loots its a great group for dungeon games fans and classic gamers. New quest was announced for this Wednesday. If you want to participate complete the form on Twitter.

You will need the Adventurer Backpack to participate. Good news... you can win one from this giveaway. 

Metaforce Comics drops are nearly done. Only 4 more free drops in April. See the links below:

Hell Camino (27.04.2021)

Umberto's (28.04.2021)

Phonebooth (29.04.2021)

New SF Mint (30.04.2021)    


NFT Breaking News #2 Giveaway Results

20 NFTs were sent to the winners! 11 shared on ReadCash, 9 on P0x and some on LeoFinance. The user z2naw.wam won the Lucky Harms by Maiki. This giveaway had only two participants and I decided to send a Byron NFT to the other one.  kx2qw.wam was unlucky and lost a 50%50% draw m. This way ... everyone is a winner. The winners of random zombies from Byron are: Z.Nqw.Wam  .axr.wam 1ntr.wam afjaw.wam dp2qw.wam n3gqw.wam lagra.wam 


PVM's Devilish Cat

I have to show off and share the Devilish Cat with the world! Hand made in pencil, my pet is not on the blockchain (and he has both eyes in real life). If you are here for the freebies ... claim this free NFT!



Residual Income:

PVMihalache Amazon Books

Milky the Devilish Cat NFT

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