NFT Breaking News #2 - Zombies in Space and the Mars expedition! (and gifts)

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 23 Apr 2021

The NFT Breaking News Project was launched last week and the 1st edition presented hot news about the Raccoon Stronghold on Kavian 4:6 and many ways to claim free NFTs. Today's edition moves from raccoons and pizza to zombies and brains. You seen it here first... because it's  🚨 Breaking News 🚨  9b6594559a04c0f5b31891efe16aa2b138d1c05e9470d2c7b8e1183345dc7b7d.jpg

🚨 Breaking News 🚨 Byron's zombies were sent in space in the last decade, and after floating in the void for years, they finally reached new planets. The newly discovered planets are rich in a mineral called Trilium (TLM) and full of miners. The zombies doesn't care about mining, they care about brains, making mining alone in the dark very dangerous. No clear details about the starting point of the zombie invasion, but the horde is strong and may target the whole ecosystem.


Follow Byron or join the ZBCats telegram group for constant updates. If you are ready to mine and join the horde,  comment "Brains", drop your wax wallet and tag a real friend. Completing all the above tasks will make you eligible for the raffle, and win one of the 20 Byron NFTs that will be distributed randomly.


RaccoonBrand stronghold on Kavian 4:6 is waiting for the unique 1:1 trash pandas NFTs. I mined all week and I've got was pizza and some tools. A clarification about the mining reward calculation was shared by Captain Raccoon, who explained how money and tools are working now. Mining 0.01 Trilium (TLM) will award an entry to the hourly NFT draw. The users mining 0.25+ TLM will award an extra entry in the draw.


Happy Anniversaries Alien Worlds! I celebrated by selling a Large Explosive for $221 and moving back to the classical shovel. No major difference was between mining with basic tools or very expensive ones.


Crypto Penguin by Pixel Labs published an easy guide to understand the total mints of Paulie the Penguin NFTs and his friends. 🚨 Breaking News 🚨 A bunch of new animals are in the work, such as lizard, seal, pig, monkey, dog and even a horse.


🚨 Breaking News 🚨 Coinsteps 4th member of the "Happy Crypto Family" collection is live! Go and meet Cardano the Poet. The 20 NFTs for the quick ones are gone but there are still 60 to be shared through lucky draw. Go there and drop your WAX before Wednesday 28th of April at 15:00 UTC. 


Endless Loots its a great group for dungeon games fans and classic gamers. If last week it took me nearly one hour to solve a puzzle, this week I joined the raid group against the mighty troll. We were very lucky to complete the quest, as the Troll was left with only 1 HP and nearly wiped out the team. 


Gnome Series are not just cool gnomes! The collection keeps growing (yet another height joke) and new packs were promoted this week. I won a Level 3 Pack, which I opened instantly. The system was quite cool as I could choose the cards I want to claim, as long as they matched the parallel of the redemption card found in the pack. I know little about it, but I know the game will be something different, and the cards will be used in battles.


Maiki had a great collaboration with BlockchainCards, as the Pump and Dump Doge NFT took the market by storm. I bidded on some auctions but didn't won any. Instead, you could win this "Lucky Harms" NFT by commenting "Maiki", tagging a friend and leaving your WAX address. Please note that you can participate only in one giveaway, so will be either "Maiki" or "Brains"


The Derpy Cats had a top collaboration with CryptoSwatch, and mint #1 is currently on auction 

Fans and holders can check the Derpy Cats Collection on NFTHive and just because I have 11 cats doesn't mean I am a crazy cat person! 


🚨 Breaking News 🚨 BestWishesNFTs was whitelisted, a series of NFTs which are ment to be shared freely between people! If you like the idea... have my best wishes!


CyberPorn is getting cyber-bullyied from Atomic Hub. CyberPorn1 whitelisting was removed without any warning or notice and will be removed from WAXP. CryptoPorn2 will stay on WAXP but with limited mints, and with a constant burn of the remaining cards. Feel sad that a good project and the artists behind it are not getting the proper appreciation. The brain behind CryptoPorn said that he feels that WAX admins let them down and will be for the best to move to a market that's free for everyone. "I will never forgive WAXP for this move. We put hard work and hours into our projects"


SillyPsyBen announced the launch of color flash silly cards and three top collaborations. The NFT collaborations will be with Cyberpupps, Kryoti Galaxy and SpinningIcons will follow soon. Until they will be ready, feel free to browse his market!


Plushies  are ETH based NFTs that can be enhanced with accessories. They come in different shines and can be presented in a gift wrapping! If you don't know what gift to buy for your wife, have a look at the Plushies collection and chose from over 6400 sweet randomly generated animated characters that can be named and accessorized with crowns, hats, jewellery, glasses and even sparks, flower, heart and stars-shaped shine filters.

DEEKHASH is powered by the Deek Generating Machine and has the same team behind, as Plushies. Each DeeK has 8 characteristics (the background, facial hair, the color of the Deek and if it has any facial hair, clothes, hat and the items in the hands, which will lead to an unique character.

Mars.Cards (Colonize Mars) is a NFT that will tell the story of a simulated colony for Mars. Will be launched on the 28th of April at 4 PM UTC, but until then, users can claim the free drops:

Fuel Plant - 23.04 at 5 PM UTC

Fission Reactor - 24.04

Scouting Drone - 25.04

Rocket Cargo - 26.04

Mars Rover - 27.04


Metaforce Comics has five more free drops in April. They are available for claim between the 26th and the 30th of April, when users can grow the Metaforce collection. See the links below:

Pantheon (26.04.2021)

Hell Camino (27.04.2021)

Umberto's (28.04.2021)

Phonebooth (29.04.2021)

New SF Mint (30.04.2021)    


My friend Crackers is doing the #Meet the Artist" series, interviewing NFT creators on a regular basis! I "blame" him for getting in touch with so many artists and creators, and for growing my NFT collection to new heights. I want to be cool like Crackers and that's why I am sharing not one claim link, not two claim links, but three claim links! 


PVM's Devilish Cat

I have to show off and share the Devilish Cat with the world! Hand made in pencil, my pet is not on the blockchain (and he has both eyes in real life). If you are here for the freebies ... claim this free NFT!



Residual Income:

PVMihalache Amazon Books

Milky the Devilish Cat NFT

DeFi bounty at CakeDeFi with $30 DFI for new users

The fountains: PipeFlare ZCashGlobalHive ZCash  & Get.ZEN

Publishing bundle: Publish0xReadCashLBRY & Presearch




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