I'm selling so many of my Cronic Cards This post will have some links to some free Cannabis NFTs

By Chubbie149 | Marijuana economy | 8 Mar 2021

The first Cronic Card Packs Hit the Digital Shelves Today, & it appears Another weedcash user @skylinebuds has caught the NFT creation bug check out their announcement here @skylinebuds/my-first-wax-nft-spiderbuds-atomichub.

Their NFT listing I cant give these away for free

The free NFT urls are limited to a single claim there will be 2 URLs that will allow Wax wallet users to claim several free cannabis NFTs you can sign up for WAX wallet here

These links are a single use only if you miss todays free NFTs I post Weedcash updates on PublishOX every Friday these posts will start to include the free NFTs as well as any other post I make here on PublishOx. The easiest way to make sure you see my posts first is to click subscribe, I can not receive or post comments here so all questions should go through

Weedcash surface web site off ledger that can be signed into with twitter or Gmail

Without further ado here's the first free NFT link

Only one claim per url hopefully you get lucky if not try back on a later post 


The hash packs for now dont have WAX attached but this can be changed but that would effect the price so right now you can get 4 cards for the price of 2 at a cost of 2.6 WAX $0.20 USD t the time of writing. The live resin minting and the THCA Crystal minting are limited to 45 units total and I cant even change that just like the gorilla glue cards where a limited production of only 10.

You can purchase 5 of the 6 cronic cards NFTs minted so far here either individually or as a pack here With WAXP the EOS version of WAX on WAX wallet nft market(s). here's one Market to purchase them from.

As I said in the title the WAX wallet market will et more of a detailed explanation in this post. For starters people seem to be having trouble adding WAX to their account
i have some good news and some bad news any of the exchanges I found that work with WAX cost more to cash out the the fees you would receive for either buying the WAX with fiat or Trade crypto directly for it via the interface on

The fiat interface Powered By Simplex Has a minimum of $50 & the crypto Exchange they offer is Powered By Change NOW with a minimum of $25 but they accept EO and LTC (what I used) which means negligible gas fees. I have tried all three services offered the most reliable being Simplex in my opinion I could not get moon pay to even work and change now goes by availability, Meaning they often will say unavailable for pairing.

Other than those there are several exchanges that deal with both WAXP and
WAXE sometimes both but they charge so much more on transaction fees its worth spending the extra in my opinion. WAXE being an ERC20 allows for liquidity pool usage that pays out ETH and WAXE.
Use the ETH bridge on your WAX wallet to exchange between the two but stay away from this if your not great with liquidity Browser wallets ect, improper transactions can be costly trust me.

NFT Hive

How in the hell I did not notice this service first is beyond me has my two favorite hash tags other than cannabis in its name.
Offering the ability for users to stake assets with this function such as KOGS witch are really affordable about 1 WAXP. Though I spent more because it was named fire and I'm a stoner that likes puns that make sense to only my stoned ass.
Staking earns an apr defined on the KOGs website that varies with each asset in question.

These same staking attributes can be added to a new collection if I want in the future as well but its better to do these things slowly to fully understand the situation before advancing to the more complex features.

Like you can also create bundles and auctions here but not NFTs but you can sell the ones you made for wax wallet here
You can also see important data on your sales figures and production of NFTs on your WAX account here.
Ill continue informing others on my journey through WAX DAPPs including games and NFT markets exchanges as I learn how to use them myself (it helps if you impart lessons as you figure out questions your asking as a new user).

Sell Sell Sell!

My original 2 NFTs minted have already sold out or where claimed in the airdrop the second minting of Gelato had to begin today due to this fact. Gelato minting is now on 11 of 40 the second rarest of my collection Due to these first cards being a beta. the first 4 have all been made with a cap increasing incrementally by 5.

The only two without a cap are Keif and CBD Wax, Now that the concentrate packs are made I Will be realeasing only WEED Cronic Cards and not Concentrate Cronic Cards for a while and I didn't want to sell out entirely. The cannabis Cronic Cards will all have a cap the only reason Keif and CBD wax are Cap less is future air drops and keeping a constant supply.

Thanks again @skylinebuds and those that bought cards and participated in the air drop this has spurred market interest and led to all these recent sales. I will try to keep up this pace of one card a day for the rest of the week this is why design took so long a backlog of cards to produce is important.

The Keif and CBD wax Cronic Cards also serve as advertising for weedcash as I included my referral url on the minting which is another reason they have no cap. Given the buzz generated over on Torum already about these NFTs this is likely my next site ill do an airdrop Date still TBD.
My account on Torum
My referral for Torum
Dont forget to check out weedchat on the off chain weedcash site with social interaction functionality ( but no monetary requirements or incentive).
Yay I Invited some one.

Tangerine Cookies

Tangerine Cookies is a rare sativa dominant hybrid strain (70% sativa/30% Indica) created through crossing the delicious Tangie X Thin Mint Cookies strains. Tangerine cookies possesses both a high 19-29% average THC level, and a astoundingly high terpene profile that can reach 3-5%. A loud orange peel aroma & flavor profile with an uplifting energetic produce 30 NFTs and a 1,000 word post about it the same day kind of high.

Kratom liquid gels

A potent Kratom concentrate removing the harmful undigestible plant matter in a concentrate similar to the shots with a more controllable dose. Calming pain relief effects.
Crypto Brew masters has overhauled the game play with to much happening to name but the Guilds are active influencer and artifact packs available 10 new ingredients and 2 new BEERs this game is more profitable and popular then ever.
Was getting distracted by my claims when getting my referral and like the second ever made world wide.
If you want a break down of all the new stuff happening

Second Free NFT URL

My NFTs are selling quicker then I can mint and post them

Sorry if im not posting here as much as weedcash or Hive, but these have been much more popular then I anticipated  I have sold 6 packs and 23 separate NFTs that I minted not bought. If you where lucky enough to get a card I would hodl that thing these seem far more popular then I could have imagined, And this first series is limited by design so once i hit the pre set limit of 100 I cant mint any more my first airdrop I cant even sell anymore they are all sold or claimed. Go ahead and try to sell these free nfts if you want it will likely work.

That's my hive account my followers on Hive have the highest odds of getting the Free nfts I give them out daily there, If not on hive its really complicated so you could also follow me here with your twitter account or Gmail to sign in

 My nfts are also for sale if you want to just buy them

Good luck readers, PS this was reposted from Hive i just dont have the time for separate write ups I really dont have the time to post this so i apologize for any errors   

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chubb149 from HIVE white listed Weedcash NFT producer & WAX NFT vendor every post comes with an NFT airdrop

Marijuana economy
Marijuana economy

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