So that's what the tokens for!

So that's what the tokens for!

By Qam2112 | Making money online | 26 Jun 2019

I have been on steemit for a while.

I have been on the actifit app for months now, posting almost daily 

I have been getting small upvotes daily on my activity and been getting actifit tokens

I even bought some a few weeks ago not sure why but after looking through trading history they looked cheap

I have a few thousand generated over the time I have been on the app

I read an update today from the actifit page about an upgrade to the app

Whilst reading noticed a part about there site which I didn't know about either

I ended up logging onto the site claiming some badges (not sure what they are for)

Ended up on the page where you can exchange tokens for votes 

So basically for months I have been collecting these points when I could have been earning from them.

You can only use 20 at a time and I have a few thousand plus I get more daily so not sure how I will use them all but happy days every little bit helps



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