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Betting with Dropil?

3 Aug 2019 1 minute read 0 comments Qam2112

Betting with Dropil? have just released 'seer' which is a prediction market.You can set up your own predictions or wager existing one.Markets include sports, crypto p...

Top 6?

30 Jul 2019 1 minute read 0 comments Qam2112

This is the premier league promoting the league suggesting that these are the top 6 teams in the leagueHard to disagree, they have all been top six for the past few seasons with exception of Leicester winning the league.This years hopefuls are Leice...

Which will moon?

17 Jul 2019 1 minute read 4 comments Qam2112

Currently the tribes on steem are booming new ones are being released all the time and people are making money So which one will be the one? I am invested in every one some with stakes some with miners Weedcash Weedcash was the first and is still goi...

No Referral No Promotion

10 Jul 2019 1 minute read 3 comments Qam2112

I have been waiting for a week for people to talk about a platform that everyone knows about yet no-one is mentioning why? Is it Fb? No we have had endless articles about that how bad it is, how everyone hates it, yet promoting them unknowingly by ju...

Buy or sell?

5 Jul 2019 2 minute read 2 comments Qam2112

  People are pumped coz of the prices pumping  Am I buying? No. Already bought months ago sold some waiting to sell some more. Take profit wait for a dump then buy again.  "What goes up must come down" Ask yourself would you buy btc at 20k?  I sure w...

Blockchain took my money

29 Jun 2019 1 minute read 10 comments Qam2112

I am an avid gambler been gambling for years  Came in to crypto few years ago. After a while got into the gambling apps Registered with fortune jack a blockchain powered shit hole  I deposited 100000 satoshis and started playing sports betting and di...

Just 2 Quick points

28 Jun 2019 1 minute read 8 comments Qam2112

Yeah that's my future wife she just doesn't know it yet 1 If you have come over from steemit check this post out leave a comment and you can claim some bounty You don't h...

Are you a referral whore?

27 Jun 2019 1 minute read 4 comments Qam2112

Do you promote every platform under the Sun? Do post multiple times a day giving out referral links? Then you Sir are a whore The amount of abstract referral links posted are ridiculous. Every dog shit project is the next big thing, why don't you sho...

So that's what the tokens for!

26 Jun 2019 1 minute read 9 comments Qam2112

I have been on steemit for a while. I have been on the actifit app for months now, posting almost daily  I have been getting small upvotes daily on my activity and been getting actifit tokens I even bought some a few weeks ago not sure why but after...

Men vs Women in sport

25 Jun 2019 1 minute read 0 comments Qam2112

Are men and women equal when it comes to sport?Should women get paid the same as men in sport?Feminist will argue yes, coz thats what they love doing, but in reality its not even close.Can you name me 1 sport where women are on the same level as men?...


(IJCH) URGENT PUBLIC SAFETY NOTICE! "HitBTC's Sex Offender Status & Anal Rape Rating raised to "Red" - Highest Public Threat Category

3 Aug 2019 JaiChai

03 August 2019
Thats sick 96% They dry raped you No lube no spit nothing your gonna be sore in the morning lol

(IJCH) HitBTC Sucks!"Deuxième Partie: Negligent or Malicious?"

1 Aug 2019 JaiChai

01 August 2019
Sounds crazy and just nonsensical

DAY 28 : from 0 to 1 BTC - Earnings recap

1 Aug 2019 julien

01 August 2019 dream over they have increased min xlm from 50 to 750 which is crazy using sign of a scam im withdrawing all you should too

(IJCH) HitBTC? In two words: "They Suck!"

1 Aug 2019 JaiChai

01 August 2019
I used them ages ago and everything was alright. Heard a few people have had problems so guess i got lucky for once lol

I Have a Token. Am I Rich Now?

31 Jul 2019 Daniel Goldman

31 July 2019
Cool job so far. Shame you didnt create it on steemengine. Would have been more expensive but you would have huge traction

Open Orders Tab Needed - SteemEngine

27 Jul 2019 fredkese

27 July 2019
Same here got some orders open for over a week and not sure what they were not only a few steem in total not alot but defo would help

Bringing New Members to Publish0x.

23 Jul 2019 ArmFarm

24 July 2019
Seems so. He thinks I know you and have a 'gang' coz 2 people agree lol i give up good luck. From now on my comments will be super positive

My Experience with a Leo Mega Miner and Mining Tokens

23 Jul 2019 CosmicCitadel

24 July 2019
I have 1 mega miner 2 normal miners nothing at all got em the day they were released that can't be right can it? Much better to buy some leo or others then curate already made all investment back plus covered the miners with one post. But the miners just baffle me

Scientific innovations for human problems [Energy supply]. SolarReserve (mirrors + molten salt) (or 75, 000 homes powered with solar energy, 24/7)

23 Jul 2019 alexbiojs

23 July 2019
Solar in the UK would be popular but is too expensive a set up. You do save money over a 20 year period but for most people the initial payout is way too high. The panels don't require sunlight they work off rays so even on a cloudy day they produce elec but not as much. Then you have to have clear surrounding as trees etc are a no no which people are then not happy about cutting down a tree so it's quite limited where and how you can do it.

Bringing New Members to Publish0x.

23 Jul 2019 ArmFarm

23 July 2019
Number 1 I do not know that guy just coz I agreed with his point. Number 2 so everyone agrees with you but nobody ever comments? The same people in your gang lol I would ignore you posts if they weren't every other on the list lol you rock on with your army lol

Bringing New Members to Publish0x.

23 Jul 2019 ArmFarm

23 July 2019
I have commented on your comment so don't report me. It was a reply to sugarfix. Your post on socialism was the One where 3 people disagreed with you. No-one agreed I'm not sure if your views are deluded or you are doing it for some other motive? I understand social networking is saying something that you believe other people want to hear but that works on networks where people are without opinion and zero knowledge. But you are free to have your opinions but I honestly don't known what your motives are. I wish you every success in your endeavour. As far as referrals I have as many as you I have paid paid out 15 steem as bounties for them to sign up I have earned $0.18 here one steem is $0.25 you do the maths. Also if you read my post I clearly says don't vote for me just try the platform out. I don't need money from this or any other platform and wouldn't sell myself. As far as repetitive topics? Yes we get minds is the greatest thank you for reminding us every day. If i thought it was the great and made so much money on it I would be on there right now but that's just me. The blocking feature for me defeates the purpose of decentralisation and if I was so bothered about people disagreeing with me and couldn't be bothered responding to them I wouldn't do a post in the first place. I post very rarely on here I defo wouldn't do more than 1 in a day some(not saying you) do 3+ a day what information have you guys got that we are so desperate for and can't put it on one. Or are we just playing the odds games 3 posts gives you more chance of getting a vote as 1 does? Honestly not having a go at you and your posts just general views

Bringing New Members to Publish0x.

23 Jul 2019 ArmFarm

23 July 2019
Please refrain from having an opinion as this sets a bad president. You are now part of unsocial networking which involves you getting as many referrals as possible to vote on 3 4 posts a day about the same stuff. Any suggestion of you disagreeing with a post is not viewed kindly. Even though everyone agrees with you we would rather not say as comments get deleted coz bitches moan. Thank you for understanding please enjoy your time 👍

Steem climbs 20% from recent low of 21 cents

19 Jul 2019 OG Crypto

19 July 2019
Be happy if it gets round the $1 mark

How Religions are still powerful among people?

19 Jul 2019 Emad

19 July 2019
Talking about religion is now fraund upon like its something wrong. Telling me that a man is now a women but is genetically a man but identifies as a women but Tommorow we will have to ask him or her what they feel like is ok? From now on I identify as a kangaroo don't judge me

Cryptopia the Real story

19 Jul 2019 kryptonja

19 July 2019
Lovely story bet he ain't out of pocket

Which will moon?

17 Jul 2019 Qam2112

18 July 2019
Yeah steemit is the front end like busy steampeak steem is the blockchain. I'm not sure about steem tipper is there any decent articles about it?

Push It To The Limit!

17 Jul 2019 Apostle-Thomas

17 July 2019
Go hard or go home!!!

Which will moon?

17 Jul 2019 Qam2112

17 July 2019
People confuse steemit with steem. So if they are not happy they leave the blockchain as opposed to leaving steemit. Which is a mistake

(IJCH) After one week, I unbricked & restored my girlfriend's smartphone! (or How I learned how to hack into Android phones)

17 Jul 2019 JaiChai

17 July 2019
I was shouting at the phone half way through reading "buy her a new phone" lol

CryptoMarket and Steem

15 Jul 2019 gduran

16 July 2019
The tribes is the place to be steem is dead. I have made 3x more in 2 weeks on sportstalk pal and steemleo then I have on steemit in 2 years the tribes are more social people interact and you make money. I have done around 300 steem in around a week which is twice as much as I invested so I'm happy to get my money back now I'm just having fun. Stick to the tribes and power up your steem account so your vote matters or cash out

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