Benefits of Kombucha

By Dennis76 | Looking after yourself | 11 Jun 2020

Kombucha is a fermented drink made from bacteria grown in a mixture of yeast and water. Otherwise known as a form of japanese tea, It is becomingly increasingly popular and famous for its wide range of health benefits.

Even a range of doctors such as Michael Mosley have been outlining the long term benefits of drinking kombucha regularly. It has been promoted on a wide range of health and fitness sites, including large and respected media sites such as the BBC.

What is Kombucha?

It is basically a large number, many millions, of good bacteria for your stomach and intestines. It helps promote the growth of good bacteria and inhibits the growth of bad bacteria.  It is fermented using a mix of yeast, tea and a SCOBY. You can find a SCOBY which is live bacteria from health food shops or searching online in your local area.

Kombucha's role in a healthy diet

A good, healthy diet will also promote good bacteria and good stomach health. Kombucha will assist in maintaining and improving good stomach and digestive health. It should be one element, not the only element in ensuring proper digestion which results in the best nutrition for the body.

However, many people may have digestive issues due to poor diet, poor exercise and as a result, may experience some stomach and intestine issues such as bloating, excess gas, abdominal pain and poor nutrition. Kombucha can be used to help overcome those health issues and return the stomach to a healthy mix of good bacteria. However, kombucha alone is not recommended nor can it fix a poor diet and exercise regime.

What are the health benefits of drinking kombucha?

There are a wide range of health benefits from drinking kombucha regularly:

  • It reduces inflammation in the stomach and intestines
  • It helps to raise the level of good bacteria in the stomach leading to better digestion and nutrition for the body
  • Like dark chocolate and tea, it has high levels of antioxidants which are excellent for overall health
  • Initial studies indicate benefits for those suffering from diabetes, rheumatism,  and asthma but more research is needed
  • It helps to improve blood pressure and can lead to improved mood and better overall health

How to find Kombucha?

Many health food shops and even mainstream grocery chains or supermarkets such as 7-11, Aldi, Tescos and Sainsburys now stock a range of plain, flavoured and carbonated kombucha drinks. You can also find it online.

What studies have been done on kombucha?

A range of studies have been done on kombucha:

Kombucha: a systematic review of the empirical evidence of human health benefit

Kombucha (Bio-Tea): An Elixir for Life?

8 benefits of kombucha tea

However, there has yet to be any peer-reviewed clinical trials specifically for kombucha to confirm the anecdotal evidence. It is clear there is benefits, but they need to be measured and studied in detail.

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