Hero of Beyond // Splinterlands Art Contest // Week 141

By LegalizaBrazil | Legalizabrazil | 18 Jun 2021

Hello Hivers.

Glad to be here one more time to show my newest Digital art. Once again i'm participating in Splinterlands Art Contest // Week 141, hosted by @splinterlands.

If you don't know Splinterlands, click in the link and join us.

First of all i want to thank the community for the loving feedback's, and thanks the curators for the prize on Week 140. This week for what i've seeing seems to be harder to win, but i ensure that i did my best.


I present to you my interpretation of • HERO OF BEYOND •


For this time i chose the hotest airdrop around the block.


Revealed in June 11 of this month, this galact warrior came from another dimension to join the splinter's. In a collab with BC Heroes he came to join the forces of Life Element.




Damm! Thats a wall in your last role. I haven't this sick hero yet, but as i play with the life deck a really want to get some cards for me.. Well, okay that i have only 2 weeks playing but i can dream to have a 6 Stars.


Tools: Regular Graffit Pencil, Mouse
Software: CorelDRAW 2020
Img SourceAirDrop Post

As always, i start with a quicky hand drawn sketch.


Then i put my reference by side and start to draw the vector lines. I haven't a digital draw tablet yet, i'm pretty sure that i will buy one if keep using HiveChain, so i have to draw with a mouse.

In all my draws i choose to use the "bézier" tool, as him allow me to make curves and create nodes by clicking.

Right here i try to put those rulers to make the most symmetric as possible.
First with the face lines...


As i finish the face lines, nose and mouth i do a lit bit paint to keep going( i got to admit, i'm not a pro drawner and to be honest i can count with my finger how many draws i did in CorelDraw) and by saying that i have to confess. This one was the most difficult draw i ever made. One more time i have to say thanks to the community to push me to the limit.


The hair draw for sure was the most challenger part to me. And even after finished i knew it that i can do better, but i need to practice and study more.
but anyway i stay cool and happy with the result.


The armor and cap wasn't easy, but easier then other parts for sure. As the armor was getting done i was contemplating my job.


To really try to win this Week i had to call one old friend, The Photoshop 😆
First i got the single shapes and BG, then imported to PS.


I noticed a little but important detail missing, the glowing eyes, so to do that job i used PS. And belive or not i put a whole galaxy in her eyes HAHAHA. After a blue outglow, kinda the aura he have, i did the eyes work. For first got a galaxy pic and then erase the borders to fit in the eye shape, then up the bright.

And then a little bit of a dust blue brush.

For finish i put all elements together and the draw was done.

I wish to all participants the best of lucky. I'm here to learn, know people and strengthen the community.

Thats all folks ! Hope you guys like it


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