Las Vegas, part 4. City walk.

By lannabeiker | Lanna Beiker's Notes | 7 Jul 2021

The next day, after arriving in Las Vegas, we went for a walk around the city.
It was quite hot, so we alternated our walk with going inside the buildings, cooling down under the air conditioners.
I will try in this post less text and more photos.
The "HOOTERS" hotel, the advertisement of which you see in the photo below, is located 700 meters from the bridge over the main promenade of Las Vegs.


The hotel is just behind this shield.
We looked in the navigator where the main street and various sights are located, and went for a walk.
You can find this street on the Internet as the famous "Strip".
Some even write about this street as the main "artery" of the city. which has a large number of shops, shopping malls, each brand here considers it its duty to be in some kind of pretentious building, which is a landmark in itself.

View from one of the bridges across this street.


Shop "M & M's", which I talked about in one of the previous articles.



The huge glass building of the Coca-Cola store next to the "M & M's" store. A contoured bottle at the entrance to the World of Coca-Cola Building in Las Vegas.


The "Hard Rock Cafe" building.


Harley Davidson Cafe, seen from afar as a motorcycle flaunts on a pedestal in front of the building.



The Eiffel Tower can be seen in the distance. We go in that direction.


To be continued.
All photos and videos are copyrighted.

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