Las Vegas, part 3. Hotel HOOTERS.

By lannabeiker | Lanna Beiker's Notes | 2 Jul 2021


Have you seen a hotel with a restaurant "HOOTERS" in any country?
They have an owl logo, the staff is always in orange shorts and tops (girls), and the name and logo also have a bright orange color.
Before visiting Las Vegas, I knew nothing about this chain of hotels and restaurants.
We chose the hotel, as always, in terms of the price-to-area ratio, which is closer to attractions or the center, and the amount of the discount that we are given under our program on Booking, well, and the name was interesting. :)))

Hotel "HOOTERS" fully met all the criteria.
Later, I met these hotels in Thailand, Hong Kong, Moscow and elsewhere, we did not live in them, I just recognized them by their bright signboard, owl and orange color from afar.

The name of the restaurant itself can be translated as "hoot" (from the English hoot - "Beep"), which in American English has several concepts: a hooting owl (hence the owl on the logo), a horn, as well as the vulgar name of a woman's breast.

Respectively. as conceived by the creators of this hotel chain, the staff must live up to the name, they have a uniform, orange shorts and a white T-shirt with an orange owl.

It all started with restaurants.
Hooters is a trademark of two American private brestaurant (semi-nude restaurant) chains: Hooters of America, Incorporated (based in Atlanta) and Hooters, Incorporated (based in Clearwater).
The target clientele is men, therefore the basis of the image is the sex appeal of the waitresses.
The Hooters restaurant is not fast food when it comes to catering companies. Although it serves burgers and sandwiches, the menu also includes chicken wings, a variety of salads and seafood dishes.
The restaurant also has a license to sell alcoholic beverages.
In addition, the Hooters brand sells souvenirs and clothing.
Apparently, the restaurant chain has gradually grown into a chain of hotels with restaurants.
Of course, I have not studied this issue in depth, you can read it on the Internet.

And the girls constantly have to twist the hula hoop in front of visitors to the restaurant, casino and in the lobby.

Here is such an addition to official duties - to twist the hula hoop.
Like all establishments in Las Vegas, hotels are almost always and so are casinos.
You will find this hotel in a search engine as "Hooters Casino Hotel".
From the window of our hotel room we could see the pool below, but we never bought in it, we did not have time.
But there is a pool, there are sun loungers, you can swim and sunbathe.
We would have had more days there, we would, of course, go down there.


And in our room there was such a wonderful picture on the wall.
It depicts a hotel in Las Vegas as it was several decades ago. It has a year - 1986.
I really love such comparisons "was - was".


The picture reminded me of the view of a certain saloon from the western films about Texas of those distant years.
We spent 3 nights in such a hotel.
Because during the day we rushed about excursions and the city.

To be continued.
All photos and videos are copyrighted.

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