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3 hours ago 2 minute read DREWO

WelcomeI notice that I am more and more interested in the work that I have been developing on the blog of visiting Portugal, which is important because in addition to doing what I like for me is culture.More and more I need to have better content as...

Travel Portugal - Castel of Bragança

4 days ago 1 minute read portugal

The Castle of Bragança is located within the walls of the citadel of Bragança.     This castle occupies an advantageous position that the inhabitants of Celtic Brigancia already took advantage of, the Romans who submitted them and renamed the city...


3 days ago 1 minute read DREWO

Hello friends today I bring you as promised in the previous post the continuation of my trip through Vila do Conde, more specifically in Labruge where I was completely in love with that place.however the entrance to a small field on my journey I foun...

Savoia Castle - Part One

3 days ago 1 minute read dexpartacus

Some time ago I visited this castle with my mother and my future wife. From the outside it would seem quite anonymous, it looks more like a fortress than a real castle, in fact the first news of this building are from the thirteenth century, where d...

Travel Portugal - Constancy Tropical Butterfly

2 days ago 1 minute read portugal

Located in the Environmental Park of Santa Margarida, the Butterfly House opened to the public in 2013.   It is a space created to make the world of butterflies known, contributing to the knowledge of the biology and ecology of these insects, thus...

Travel Portugal - Torres Novas

1 day ago 1 minute read portugal

Torres Novas is a beautiful Portuguese city in the District of Santarém, county seat, located right in the Center of the Country, is crossed by the pleasant River Almonda.   The whole surrounding region is of great natural beauty, oscillating betwe...

Travel Portugal - Pena Palace

3 days ago 1 minute read portugal

The fantastic Pena Palace is one of the greatest examples of the romantic revival of the century XIX in Portugal.         The views of the Palace, from the top of the Serra de Sintra, are unmissable and you can see why the royal family used the...

VISIT PORTUGAL _ Vila Chã Beach / (VCD)

1 day ago 2 minute read DREWO

Today I will do something different for you.I will tell you a little about myself and my roots, in the land where I was born.I grew up in a small village in the Vila do Conde region, more specifically in Vila chã beachMy grandparents lived off fishi...

Sharing pictures taken by me of animals in the wild and nature part 2 !

3 days ago 1 minute read Djordi

Hi everyone, Here I am going to show you some more pictures taken by me of animals in the wild on Mauritius Island, but also pictures of the nature. You can always see my first post about pictures taken in Brazil and Gibraltar here : https://www.publ...