Las Vegas, part 2. Large M & M's store in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas, part 2. Large M & M's store in Las Vegas.

By lannabeiker | Lanna Beiker's Notes | 29 Jun 2021

I wanted to tell you about this store separately.


In Las Vegas, we passed this store several times. Cool sign, bright, colorful characters.

It looks like a small shop. On the second day, in the evening, we just went to see, a funny animator near the store danced in a growth doll in the form of a candy. And the store turned out to be 4 floors. Curiosity brought us to the very 4th floor. It seems to me that there is nothing that would not be sold in this store with the symbols of sweets. :)))

As it turned out, I didn’t even know how many colors of these candies there were, and what each candy meant. After walking around the store, I learned absolutely everything about sweets. What the Americans can do, what cannot be taken away from them, is to make a show out of an invented character, bringing to life everything about this character, be it sweets, or sponges, or someone else or something.

I photographed a lot, see all the photos below.


Here are all 6 colors of candies, each, it turns out, has its own smiley, that is, its own character and image.
Red, yellow, brown, green, blue and orange.






Here, all the colors are nearby.


But this, do not believe it - this is the whole wall in different sweets, different tastes, different mixes. This is not a wall with painted columns, as it looks from the side. This is a wall - with long sleeves like this, and there are sweets in them. And at the bottom of each sleeve there is a tap, and the cost is written, you can ask the manager, he will pour you what kind of candy taste you want.






I tried to shoot the entire wall - it was useless until I remembered the ro panorama. So, one of the photos is panoramic. :)))


Did you know that there is such an assortment of these sweets? Moreover, in the States, we saw a lot of unfamiliar M & M's in the store.

There are also 2, 3 and 4 floors. Several photos from there.
There are toys, T-shirts, socks, and much, much more, everything related to this brand.
Very bright, very beautiful and festive.









In general, they are so funny. These little men. :)))




To be continued.

All photos and videos are copyrighted.

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