Promoting Publish0x To Everyone In The Social Media
Promoting Publish0x To Everyone In The Social Media

Earning from the things you love to do is the best way of making a living. Gaining a lot of followers to support you on your chosen niche is not an easy task. One of the best ways to gain followers is to invite people to a platform that they can also enjoy sharing the things that they love and also get rewarded of their shared contents.

The best platform I have seen so far for people to learn the basics or even the intermediate things one should know about cryptocurrencies is publish0x. I don't have to stress the NEED for people to get themselves exposed to crypto activities because sooner or later they will be resourceful enough to know these significant things they should know and it is already being shared here in this platform all the time.


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When we promote publish0x, it is more likely we will be sharing the posts that we created to other social media platform that we have for visibility. There is an option for readers at the bottom part of the platform where they can give tips to the author if they were really impressed by the write up or if they were able to gain a lot of information about the things they are interested in knowing more about this certain topic or subject. It will then opt them to sign up for them to be able to send tips. In the future, they will be the ones reaping the rewards themselves because of the efforts they did posting whatever skills or crafts they have shared to everyone esle.

I have recently intensified sharing my publish0x Ambassador link to the online groups I have from FaceBook. Check the screenshots out.


Categorizing your ads and creating the best tag lines to catch the eyes of the public.

One of the best way to offer a program is to share the cashout proof immediately to show that the site is really paying.


It was shown here on the screenshot the 15,000 active members that are really into cryptocurrency. Having this low number of people will bring visibility to your post for quite a long period of time and these people are receptive to the other programs they read rather than sharing theirs.

I have stated here in this post "Earn up to $2.00 per post you share" it's true and I can definitely prove it. It will be a great motivation to everyone that their efforts can also reward them with this amount if they know for themselves that they have put so much efforts on their post. This post I have shared was sharing my 4th cash-out.

Tagging is also important. People looking for investments or earning opportunities most likely will search for cash out proofs. So take a look at how I placed all of the tags in the first line of post the time I was composing it.

My Tag line: "Earn money while you read and earn MORE when you create your own good read". Who would not be enticed with this mind-blowing tag-line for people looking for online earning opportunities? I am sure most of us will find it really interesting.

Pinned Post to the online groups you are managing:

Bitcoin Post Promotion Online group on FaceBook is created by one of my online earning buddies who is also here on publish0x. I was given the priviledge to be an admin and also managing this group so I have marked this post as an announcement so more people will be able to see this post on top of any other shares being promoted by the huge number of members.



Sharing a promotional post to Online groups with huge amount of members.

One of the best techniques to gain visibility is to post your contents to groups with large number of active people. For your post to get the boost it needs from these groups with all the members then make sure to post comments every now and then and sharing your other publish0x posts. Every comments made will put this post on top of the discussed topics visible to all members who are also posting their stuff.



Sharing your promotional post to groups who would most likely be helpful to certain people that shares best interest.

It was a closed group that definitely needs approval from the admins if you are a mother or a father who just rely on being a virtual assistant or have a profitable earning opportunities that they also share to their fellow members. Let them know that this another great opportunity for them to learn other profitable online opportunities being shared by other members who already experienced the programs that each one of us are promoting too.


Take a closer look at the active members around the world, 48,000 ++ members who are also active doing LIVE broadcasts in doing their promoted projects / programs. It only means most of the people here are real and not just dummy accounts.


Create a poll discussing a really HOT Topic that almost everybody could participate.

I am here in the Philippines and this group has already been existing since 2016. Been one of the pioneers here to share most about HYIP's (Oooops! Hahaha) during the time we were haven't even reached 10,000 members. I have established a badge of being one of the persons who start a really sensible discussions, topics and feasible online earning programs.


This was the time I posted the topic about the Bull-Run period or was just a Bull-Trap.

See the post here: Is It The Start Of The Bull-Run Or Just Another Bull-Trap?

I have created a poll to know what others might think and share their opinions plus the chance to discuss this important topic to the respondents. I have voted for YES and would really defend my point of view from the comments section. As the number of comment grows, the more boost it gets, therefore a pure visibility toward all active people browsing for other topics. It has almost 150,000 members all looking for profitable platforms and also sharing their other earning opportunities to everyone. Just like me who wanted to promote publish0x to them as well.

I just wanna share as well that I have selected and rewarded one person who shared a great insight that supported his point of view that this is already the start of the Bull-Run and actively participating on that poll. I have given him 1,000 HYDRO to his MyEtherWallet (MEW) which is worth $1.43 a few days ago. I have told him that that was a part of my earnings here on publish0x so that he'll know why I was also being generous that time. I am sure out of a random act of participation, one person was able to gain more from that.

Few days passed as I guess we already reached the heights of this Bull-run, a lot of respondents who voted on the poll also shared their views or probably already earned a lot from it as well.

At the time of writing this post, I went back and checked the number of people who voted and of course to provide screenshot for me to share here to everyone!


The number of comments were really flooding. The number of votes too increased. They will also see the post I have created and shared using publish0x platform and definitely shared my Ambassador link at the bottom part to gain referrals.

27 people voted for YES including me and 16 people voted for NO.


At least once or twice a day I also make a point that I share my publish0x posts to other social media platforms that I have. I do certainly help people to get started here as well letting them know the basics that this platform may offer them and what they can offer as well. Creating a fixed Tag-line at the end of each posts will definitely increase your earnings and encourage more people here in this amazing blogging platform we are happily dwelling. This is the Tag-Line I always use.

If you have the same brilliant mind and want to share your thoughts and ideas which will make you rewarded along with tons of views to your created contents, click this link, register and apply to be an author and start sharing your first post now:

This definitely boosted my referrals and was able to gain these numbers in one week. Definitely will still continue to share the good news to everyone.


Thank you so much to all of the 20 people who registered under my link. Just give me a beep if you need help regarding the site and please do not hesitate to contact the admins via the Telegram, FaceBook or Twitter.

There are lots of other ways you can promote publish0x. You may also create a great write up about it on your current blogging platforms like Steemit, Minds, Memo.Cash (Bitcoin Cash community), Google Plus, Blogsopt, WordPress, Medium, Reddit and a lot more. Do it once in a while coz people might have an impression towards you that you are just spamming the group. choose your actions wisely.

You may also share to other people that their promoted platforms as long as it is really legit and trusted, they could have these number of views as well:


And get those number of earnings too! Yes this is mine. The 4th cash out post was the one highly shared and those clicks are from external sites.

We also wanted to attract developers here too for visibility of their platforms and be able to establish a way to connect to a lot of people who were able to build a community.

Just be proud and grateful for the recognition.


Several posts that I have shared have been featured on publish0x



Sharing to your wall how proud you were to be given this recognition will definitely make all your friends and network members get intrugued by it so they will really dig all what's in this platform to satisfy their inquisitiveness.


Since May 01, It has been 6 posts that was featured in the home-page of publish0x. Super thankful, grateful, honored and all the positive feelings one could think of if you were recognized by your fellow amazing minds!

Publish0x also integrated the option to share your post to Facebook and Twitter just right after you published your post which is definitely an amazing breakthrough and ease for all of the writers here doing so. Thank you so much for that!


This is how I promote publish0x. A platform where I was able to grow as a content creator. Now, I am sharing my marketing skills to everyone. I have proven to be able to acquire 100 referrals in just 24 hours before, in one certain program. These are only a few of my best strategies. Thank you for reading my post. Follow me and grateful for your support all the time.

Here are the Cryptocurrencies I have promoted recently. You may also wanna check them out.

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See you again next time!

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