Is It The Start Of The Bull-Run Or Just Another Bull-Trap?
Is It The Start Of The Bull-Run Or Just Another Bull-Trap?

Looking at the price of our crypto-holdings over and over again on the exchangers, coinmarketcap, blockfolio along with the social media notifications from our friends that we are now experiencing this exciting "Bull-Run", it makes us think if this is the right time to SELL if we were able to HODL before or we should start BUYING cryptocurrencies or BTC now?

I was checking out all the new posts here on publish0x, tipping and posting comments to whatever I find interesting for me to read and I passed by this post: BREAKING!! BITCOIN REACHES $7000!! It was all about letting us aware that the price of BTC has nearly touched the $7,000 mark. I could agree more because majority of the analysts are already confirming that it is already the start of the Bull-run.

If you will look at coinmarketcap's Top 20 cryptocurrencies, then the parabolic curve of an upward trend will prove itself thay they are right about it.



They are all in the uptrend, in green and even the market capitalizations increased.

If we were able to BUY cryptocurrencies before then it is a good thring to SELL at least 50% so that if it continues to pump in a major manner then we still have another 50% to sell. If there is any slight dip then we could start selling the remaining 50% that we have. At least our efforts and patience holding our digital assets for a long time pays off a bit if in any case this is just a BULL-TRAP then we were still able to make the most out of it and still able to make profits.

Other factors I have considered that this is already the start of the Bull-run:

The Fidelity Exchanger which primarily gonna use BTC-XRP pairing. We should all know that there would only be a selected individuals (or companies) to start trading in this platform and all of their assets would comprise of $7.4 Trillion = $7,400,000,000.00 and this would be launched anytime soon. Having this kind of news will defineitely make a lot of small-time investors invest or delve into cryptocurrency more.

After a super long Bear-Market experience since 2018 up to the first week of May 2019, I guess it is now the start of the Bull-Market.

A lot of people are now adopting cryptocurrencies and already using it as payments, remittances, and trading then the public is now ready for this trend. Mass adoption has already taken place. I hope a lot of people would still follow through.

This topic will just be short but meaningful. Here in publish0x, our shared thoughts really matter especially if it would benefit the majority of the readers here and not only just because the earnings we'll gain.

Always been happy to drop by to other amazing writers' posts here and create a genuine connection.

Best of luck to our crypto-journey. Share your thoughts about this ongoing hype of the bull-run. We just really hope it is not a TRAP just to gain a lot of people to buy then at the end, will just get frustrated to see their money diminish out of thin air.

Disclaimer: I am not a Financial Advisor and this is just sharing significant information. Please perform your own due diligence when making an investment. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and involves high-risk.

Thank you so much for dropping by and checking out my free-write!

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