A Review of Every Built Bar Flavor (not sponsored)

A Review of Every Built Bar Flavor (not sponsored)

By SatoshisMyDad | KJ On Life | 27 May 2021

As someone who has been strength training since high school, I’ve had my fair share of protein bars. By fair share, I'm talking at least 20 different brands spanning 15-20 flavors from maple bacon to peanut butter ass blast. And hands down I can say these are my favorite.

They are actually so good and made with real chocolate so you don't get that chalky protein fake chocolate flavor often synonymous with protein bars. What's more is that they have a chewy center like a marshmallow, which is pretty unique and not something I've seen or tried with any other protein bar. 

Each bar is 130-180 calories, 17-18g protein, and under 5g of sugar. 

Built bars are currently only sold online I believe, on their website as well as on Amazon. They have 9 permanent flavors with the occasional limited edition flavor. I'll be reviewing the 9 I've tried and ranking them in order by best to worst. 

This post is not sponsored. I spent my own money on these and these are all my personal opinions.

1. Peanut Butter Brownie-12/10!


This one was my favorite. It really blew my away how peanut butter-y it was! Peanut butter and chocolate is an unbeatable combination to begin with. I would even eat this on a cheat day, it's basically a full blown candy bar.

It is higher calorie than the others, but so worth it.

2. Mint Chocolate Brownie- 11/10!


I was really apprehensive about this one because I was expecting a nasty tooth-paste mint but it wasn't there at all! Easily a favorite and if you're a fan of mint chocolate chip, you'll like this one. It was really good.

3. Coconut Almond- 9.5/10

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Pretty dang good. Like how I remember almond joy tastes but protein packed! So if you like almond joys, you'll like this one too. The nuts are a nice touch but this one is also higher calorie. The coconut isn't overly artificial.

4. Coconut- 9/10

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I'm personally not a huge fan of coconut flavors in candies and such but this was a solid flavor and I quite enjoyed the coconut surprisingly. For 50 less calories than the almond one it's just as good. 

5. Double Chocolate- 8.5/10 

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You just can't go wrong with chocolate, so double that?? Perfect. Amazing. Can't complain. 

6. Cookies and Cream- 8/10

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Nice n chewy (all of them are though), tasted like a nougat candy I’ve had before. A bit of a tangy aftertaste but the chocolate is definitely real and really comes through. It's good but it doesn't really commit to being cookies and cream. flavored. It's very similar to the chocolate one.

7. Salted Caramel- 6.5/10

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I have to admit I just have a personal aversion to salted caramel, it's just not the flavor for me. But it wasn't offensive at all. Super chewy but like the cookies and cream. Nothing to write home about. 

8. Raspberry- 4/10


Also not the biggest fan of raspberry chocolate as a combo, so this was nothing notable. I did think it was very accurate, so if you do like raspberry chocolate, this is right up your alley. You get what you expect with this one. 

9. Cherry Barcia- 2/10


Terrible. Disgusting. Like taking a shot of Robitussin, but at least I got some protein out of it... Still edible but not a flavor I would ever eat again.

And that's all for today! If you're on the lookout for a new protein bar I would highly recommend trying Built Bars. I was very impressed. 

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