Steem hardfork 23? how realistic is it?

Steem hardfork 23? how realistic is it?

By Kavi | Kavya | 19 May 2020




Steem blockchain is going through another hardfork as per social media steemit and . This news is not officially announced by steemit owner and founder of Tron blockchain Justinsun but if you go through #steem on twitter then you will realise that there are some top witness of hive blockchain predicting about steem hardfork which is secretly will be implemented on 20th may,2020. 

As per them, this hardfork will cut the powerdown time from 13 weeks to 4 weeks .It was long time discussed by Justin sun when he acquired steemit.

The clear figure about the hardfork will be seen tomorrow but you can see the price movement of steem is increased 40% from last 2 days. 

From the source of steemit,There are many steemit account holders having million coins in their wallet , after hardfork they might loose the fund . 





As per blocktrades, Steem and steem dollar will be no more acceptable at their internal exchange as they think the hardfork will not be supported .

There are few question to asked to Justin Sun:

1. Why he needs to do hardfork secretly like its his own asset ,not decentralised blockchain? 

2. why he could not get involved steem top witness since it runs by community?

3. Does he wants to freeze all the users fund in the wallet ?

4. if his intention for hard fork is benefiting and developing the platform by decreasing power down from 13 weeks to 4 weeks then why these most important news never been shared through social media ?


Hmm...there are many question but even me can not believe from side source of information but just to make the users of steemit platform aware about these news. 

hope this article will help..




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