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Splinterland gaming

Popularity of Splinterland Game || People earning 6000% since launching !

By Kavi | Kavya | 18 Oct 2021

Video Credit: Youtube/ULTM8 X Gaming


The Popularity of splinterland is enormous and people are getting crazy to earn passively by just buying presale packs of cards which are presently given through vouchers which also can be airdropped as per your staking power of SPS which is governance token on Splinteland platform. If you playing this game since 2017 by just buying spellbook worth $10.00 then at the current time you would be earning 6000% than others or newbie. 

If you are updated with Splinterland gaming token DEC which is Dark Energy Crystal are being traded at $0.17 on hive engine and it predicted to reach more higher as it is main token for splinterland to buy cards and trade cards apart from Credit option which can be bought through Fiat Currency. 

I would like to thank the founder 'AGGROED ' AND 'YABAPMATT' Who designed and created the ecosystem of the game in such a way where nobody can feel bored and without reward because you will earn even little either CREDIT or DEC coins at starting level. 

The Axie Infinity which is a Card game on Ethereum blockchain ,became so popular recently because people already had experienced from Splinterland .In Final thought , Splinterland is unique and more experienced Card game on Hive blockchain which is pioneering the Gaming Market .

The Success of this game also goes to early supporters who really played and hold their assets . 

Did you buy your Spellbook to start the game? If not then go and buy and start earning DEC , SPS and Even SPT through Blogging . All these coins are part of Splinterland . 

Hope the video and little explanation helps you to understand the gaming structure which mean to be  'PLAY TO EARN' .


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