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FREE NFT Update Part 2 - How to get back that money you paid for RAM & CPU?


As I am a boy baby .....I do not  read the instructions...... I just press all the buttons. You gotta live dangerous right, I mean we need to make life is as exciting as possible ourselves.

Hence I applied the same logic to collecting Free NFTs, so maybe you all about this already.....but I guess not because why would you than be reading this article???  You probably clicked on it because just like me you did not DYOR but you do want your money back.

Keep in mind that this article is written by a baby pushing buttons, so maybe you should not take my advice. On the other hand it´s free and No it is not financial advice, because if I had any of that to give out, I would not be writing articles on Free NFTs.

Get to the freaking point

So last time there was this guy....or maybe it was a girl....I mean this is the internet you never know. So let´s say there was this person to respect this genederless society we are heading for....... that asked if it was worth collecting Free NFTS, due to the fact you have to keep buying CPU and RAM to keep going.

And I did the math and figured out I paid about 100 WAX which was 25% of the total WAX I made. That is quite a big chunk of my Free NFT Income. Now I don´r like paying for anything, I mean I have Dutch blood...we are cheap by nature.  So this kept me up all night and as I don´t read up on it I only solve these kind of things when the solution is staring me in the face, and it did as I saw the below:


Where did I find this.....

Under View on can find the weirdest stuff there in case you did not know.


So once you are on Bloks select your wallet (highlighted right top screen) and then select buy/sell RAM.


There you select Sell RAM to get to the overview I just showed you.


Here is the overview of the amount of WAX you spend on RAM....and how much you are currently using. So keep in mind that you can get it all back.....but only once you sold or burned all your NFTS.  But the WAX spend on RAM is not lost. You just enter the amount and press sell to get it back once you´re done with collecting.


The same applies to CPU basically only in this case you select Wallet>Stake CPU/NET>Unstake CPU. Then select the account for which you staked it, select the amount and click unstake.


Again this only makes sense once you stop collecting, but you can get everything back you invested along the way.....everything I thought was lost for ever.

And once you have unstaked all your CPU & sold all your RAM and want to turn it into $$$$$$$$, you can read my other article:

How to turn the WAX made from selling your FREE NFTs into $$Dollars$$

Hope you will benefit from the above update, below you will find an overview of the places to find Free NFTS and a summary of my Free earlier (FREE) NFT Articles:

Where to get Free NFTs
  • There is a new Free NFT Market place on NoiseCash!
  • Twitter is a great place for NFT giveaways. So if you wanna be my friend and get tagged in every NFT Giveaway I come across, just follow @Tegendraads_69.  I will add everyone that follows me next week to my Tagging list.
  • TORUM. and follow the right people there e.g. @haralampije1 @celestial  and @beastacho. Also check your TORUM feed for the keyword WAX (if you´re unfamiliar to TORUM, it´s, I hate the phrasing, easiest described as crypto Facebook).
  • Telegram  &
  • Neftyblocks it´s a similar to Atomic Hub, but I like their website a lot better.


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