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Update on the best places to catch Free NFTs & Some more Free NFT problems solved

It´s been a while that I posted about Free NFTs, so how about a quick update.

Most import thing of course for us NFT noobs is where can I get that free stuff with the least bunch of lazy 🐗´s .


Well there is some very good news on that front, there is a new Free NFT Market place on NoiseCash!

It´s ran by BabyHood and his bunch of happy hunters and it´s actually going very well. Yesterday there were over 20 Free NFT links posted and today 25 free NFT links.  And the best thing is that you make money posting and tipping on Noise, so it´s a win/win.

Another thing I have been getting involved in, just so I could let you all know if it´s worth the effort, are those Free NFT Twitter giveaways. Outcome:

It´s not so bad, I join about 10 a day and I win about three times a week. So a 3/700 chance. Om top of that you will come across some other good freebie stuff and/or get whitelisted, but the biggest benefit is that when you win the NFT might actually be worth something. 

The cons:

You always need to bother 3 friends by tagging them....

I think by now I do not have any friends left on twitter....

So if you wanna be my friend and get tagged in every NFT Giveaway I come across, just follow @Tegendraads_69.  I will add everyone that starts following me during the coming days to my friends list. Because if you wanna hunt these Twitter giveaways, you will need a friends list.

I have about 10 friends combinations that I can just copy paste.  Make sure you´re not using bot addresses as it will get you nowhere.


There is another new thing I have been trying, Neftyblocks it´s a similar to Atomic Hub, but I like their website a lot better. And then there is one more place ...but this is only for the real NFT Addicts ...... and that is to start following on ReadCash

This guy writes very cool meet the Artist articles, in which we get to know a bit more about the art and the artist and if your lucky pick up a nice Freebie.

Further you can of course still go to the below places.

Happy Hunting you all, but please make sure you do not get trapped.


The most common trap of course is the: "I am out of RAM trap and I did not sell any Free NFT and now I am stuck" situation.

I can not even count the number of times I have bailed people out of this scenario by sending them 1 WAX. By doing so they could buy a bit of RAM and sell some NFTs to top up their RAM. I even once swapped some WAX for BCH on NoiseCash. 


Lesson #1 always keep some WAX ready in case you run out of RAM

But lately I encountered a new Scenario:

I have WAX, but I am too low on CPU & RAM....

This one is a little bugger, because if you want to buy CPU you need RAM and if you want to buy RAM you need CPU....... Yup dead in the water again!

Now there are 2 options to solve this, well at least 2 I know off.

Option 1: CPU normally replenishes it´s self as soon as the traffic on the blockchain drops a bit, so just be patient and keep trying to buy some RAM. This worked for me and took about 20 minutes.

Option 2: If you are a true NFT addict, like me, you might end-up having hundreds of Free NFTs and holding these will slowly, but steadily, drive up your CPU usage. You can see your stats by clicking View on Bloks.


That will take you to the below overview....and as you see I am running out of RAM, but my CPU looks great. Why? Because I staked 19 WAX so far to allow myself some space.


So if you are holding a lot of NFTs and never staked CPU, but always waited for it to replenish you might end up like a friend of mine.....unable to do anything....missing out on all the drops.

In that situation a friend can help you out. They can stake some CPU for you if they go here, fill your WAX Wallet address and stake 3 Wax or more of CPU.

The great thing about this method is that they remain the owners of whatever they stake, and as soon as you picked up the hunting trail again and got some WAX to buy RAM & CPU they can unstake their staked CPU.


Buying RAM, Staking you still make any money from Free NFTs or are you paying for it?


Well in my previous article I already explained that you can make money, and I even showed you how much you could make from one month of hunting. But now that I am in the game  a bit longer.....nothing has changed

Well I might have become a slightly better hunter (cough cough).


So in my last NFT article I showed you how to turn your Wax into dollars and sold 100 WAX.

Now that was during the good old days in which 100 WAX equaled $29. Right now it is only worth half, so I will not be selling my WAX, but I can show you how much WAX I made so far.


As per the picture I sold for 390 WAX. I am still holding 160 WAX from Sales and I turned 100 WAX into $29 dollars, meaning I have made 260 WAX from sales + the 10 WAX is sold for BCH. As it was a friendly deal I sold it against current market value of 15 cent per WAX. 

Total WAX sold or in the my wallet is 275 WAX, and in my total WAX sold it shows 390.....?

So I am missing 115 WAX..., WAX that just melted through my fingers and was turned into RAM and CPU to keep me going.

Hence don´t get into the free NFT game for the Money, or you need to enjoy making $2 an hour in a bull market and $1 in the current market.

Hope you had a good read and maybe even picked up one or two useful tips along the way.

If you enjoyed the article have a lovely rest of your day & please hit the like button gently ....Do Not Smash.... on your virtual way out!

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