How to turn the WAX made from selling your FREE NFTs into $$Dollars$$

Last time I talked about making money from Free NFTs, and I showed you that it was possible to make at least $27 in a couple of weeks of Free NFT hunting.

free 15.PNG

That is all fun and games, but not worth 💩 if you can´t turn your house of WAX into digital dollars.

So in the end it was kinda straight forward.You just need to know which steps to take to melt that wax into USDT.

Step 1

You need an Wax Cloud wallet and then use this address, because from your Atomichub address you can not send WAX.

Step 2

You can send your WAX to several exchanges e.g. Bittrex, but I will be using Kucoin.

Step 3

In KuCoin you go to Assets and search for WAX and click on it.

wax 1.jpg

Step 4

Select Deposit and click on I understand.

wax 2.jpg

Wax 3.jpg

Step 5

Now comes the important piece, make sure you copy the address and the Memo.

wax 5.jpg

Step 6

Back to the Wax Wallet Dashboard and select send.

wax 7.PNG

Step 7

Choose the token you want to send.


Step 8

Select the amount you want to send and keep some WAX in your pocket, in case you need to buy RAM.

wax 3.PNG

Step 9

Now enter the Kucoin address and Memo.

wax 4.PNG

Step 10

Click next.

wax 6.PNG

Okay so that is how easy it is. Now you soon will receive a confirmation email.

wax 8.PNG

And indeed within the hour my WAX is in my Kucoin Wallet

Screenshot_2021-05-03-13-42-36-630_com.brave.browser (1).jpg

Step 11

Transfer your WAX from your main account to your trading account


Step 12

The final step is to go to WAX/USDT and sell that 💩 before it melts.


So far I have paid 0 fees...of course moving stuff from Kucoin to a wallet or an other exchange will cost some fees. My advice: turn it into something on the Tron blockchain like WIN or into XML to pay only a small fee.

NOTE to Reader:
Wax on, right hand. Wax off, left hand. Wax on, wax off. Breathe in through nose, out of mouth. Wax on, wax off. Don't forget to breathe, very important. [walks away, still making circular motions with hands]


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