Which Is Better For The Tips, BNTY or HYDRO?

Which Is Better For The Tips, BNTY or HYDRO?

Here in Publish0x, we get rewarded for creating informative contents that we can share to everyone even outside the platform. We get rewarded from the efforts we contribute to make the site the best that it could be for all its users. The most recent update about our rewards is we can now also receive HYDRO Tokens from the original Bounty0x that we are receiving initially. Isn't it great?

But if we are going to closely look into it, is it really the best thing that we are now receiving both tokens for the tips that we receive and give to fellow contributors?

Please take a closer look to see the difference receiving and giving both BNTY and HYDRO Tokens as tips:

First, lets see the actual market value in USD of these two tokens:

Market value today April 04, 2019 (Please note that the value of each token will change according to the global market values)

Bounty0x Tokens which is originally given to us before April 1, 2019


HYDRO Tokens which started the distribution this April 1st, 2019


We can clearly see that the price of BNTY is higher than HYDRO.

I have tried tipping KenBerdzHydro from his most recent post PEOPLE USING HYDRO TOKEN INSTEAD OF BTC OR USDT?

The tip distribution gauge was set to 80-20%


And this showed up after the tip successfully pushed through:


The author received 2.3302 HYDRO as well as 0.0557 BNTY

Just like the reader (me) who received 0.5826 HYDRO and 0.0139 BNTY respectively.

Before April 1, 2019 we were only receiving and giving BNTY as tips and the value in USD is higher than what we are receiving from our posts NOW after HYDRO was incorporated to our tips.

I would assume that the amount distributed has a certain percentage according to the value of these coins in the market today.

Disclaimer: I am not in the position to complain but I would just like to reiterate that the Cash Out from these two currencies will then take time to accumulate reaching the minimum value.



I could somehow see that the distribution of BNTY and HYDRO is just fairly being added to our funds hitting the minimum amount for withdrawal.

Well, this only means that we should exert more effort from the quality of the posts that we share and capture the interests of all the readers here.

The minimum for both tokens to cash-out is when each of them hits a value of $0.50 in terms of our earnings.

But if you will get to choose what Token would you like to receive and give, is it only BNTY? only HYDRO? or both of them?

Post your reactions to the comments and I hope we'll be able to have a good discussion. Who am I to even question the program if I am getting both tokens already. It also prompts us to really get aware of these tokens whether it is on the rise or on the dip for us to BUY or SELL in our preferred exchangers.

Thank you so much for the support and please also check my recent post here when Bitcoin Cash was on the surge. I really love to inform everyone with these phenomenal events in the cryptosphere.

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