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Ken(Crypto Reporters)

Why Filipinos are now calling for Blockchain Technology?

14 Aug 2020 1 minute read 1 comment Ken(Crypto Reporters)

Philippines are one of the most affected in pandemic covid-19 crisis, they got almost 147,526 (+4,002) total cases with 74,713 active cases updated Aug. 15 2020. These are patients with confirmed COVID-19 via RT-PCR of specimens collected from the no...

How Crypto Saved My Family

29 Jan 2020 4 minute read 8 comments Ken(Crypto Reporters)

(The Hotel Eva's Bldg.)   Hi, my name is Ken. I just want to share my own story and experience on how crypto helped me when the massive earthquakes hit us in Kidapawan City, Philippines. I was at home reading and working when suddenly, the windows b...

I thought this is the end of the world - Thank you Project Hydro, Publish0x Family and more #MoreThanHumanity #Philippines-Earthquake

5 Nov 2019 2 minute read 5 comments Ken(Crypto Reporters)

Can we stop a little bit about the cryptocurrency price, blockchain technologies, crypto news in this crypto world? I just want to share this with you on how #Humanity works even in the blockchain space. When my house hit by a devastating 6.6 magnitu...

Bitcoin waiting for $7200 or $6700 - BearishTrend!

23 Oct 2019 1 minute read 0 comments Ken(Crypto Reporters)

Bitcoin/USD Bitstamp On this graph we use Elliott Correction Wave (ABC) with Ellipse tools and trendline MacD on bottom. For the Past few months bitcoin tested 5x $7.8k price and that's not good and now they break it. If you check the graph there's...

Ferrum Network and Project Hydro Collaboration!

23 Oct 2019 2 minute read 0 comments Ken(Crypto Reporters)

FERRUM NETWORK AND PROJECT HYDRO On SEPTEMBER 7, 2019 Project Hydro Announced the good news about the partnership with Ferrum Network. Ferrum Network is the first high-speed interoperability network for real-world financial applications. Their exper...

ATOM/USDC Binance (Heikin Ashi)- Leading diagonal - Bearish Bullish Scenario 

7 Oct 2019 1 minute read 0 comments Ken(Crypto Reporters)

ATOM/USDC Binance (Heikin Ashi)- Leading diagonal - Bearish Bullish Scenario  For this graph, We use Elliott Impulse Wave (12345) with eclipse tools Elliot correction wave ABC and MaCD On this graph, we saw perfect leading diagonal Bullish Scenario V...

RVN/BTC - Leading diagonal - Bullish Scenario

7 Oct 2019 1 minute read 0 comments Ken(Crypto Reporters) RVN/BTC Binance- Leading diagonal - Bearish Bullish Scenario  For this graph, We use Elliott Impulse Wave (12345) with eclipse tools Elliot wave correction...

Project Hydro and ColonyNetwork dApps Store 3rd Party Partner

3 Oct 2019 1 minute read 0 comments Ken(Crypto Reporters)

Hydro is excited to bring Colony into the dApp Store as a 3rd Party Partner. With Colonyjs #developers can build powerful applications and services that interact with the colonyNetwork. ProjectHydro Twitter Post Project Hydro is an open-source blockc...

XLM/USD - Possible Bullish week long and medium hold "Requested Post"

2 Oct 2019 1 minute read 0 comments Ken(Crypto Reporters)

XLM/USD - Possible Bullish week long and medium hold. My Team request. You can check here Possible trend XLM/USDT - Short and Medium hold For this graph, We use Elliott Impulse Wave (12345) Verdict: We ope...

Project Hydro and MESG dApps Store 3rd Party Partner

2 Oct 2019 1 minute read 0 comments Ken(Crypto Reporters)

Hydro is excited to bring @mesgfoundation into the dApp Store as a 3rd Party Partner. $MESG provides #developers with event and marketplace SDKs so they can add powerful decentralized functionality to their dApps $hydro #dapp #crypto #blockchain http...


V1.5 Release – Images, Audio Messages, Emoji Reactions & More!

14 Aug 2020 Status Community Updates

15 August 2020
Here you can check out and get involve, I'm using it and it's pretty interesting

Affiliate Leaderboard Launch - $230 In Prizes for January

6 Jan 2020 Dan Bainbridge

09 January 2020
Nice love it! Thank you for this opportunity!

I thought this is the end of the world - Thank you Project Hydro, Publish0x Family and more #MoreThanHumanity #Philippines-Earthquake

5 Nov 2019 Ken(Crypto Reporters)

05 November 2019
Thank you so much. This is my wallet address


18 Oct 2019 Crypto Beeporter!

18 October 2019
Thank you so much on this.

What is Bytom? - [A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Bytom]

8 Oct 2019 Mr.CryptoWiki

16 October 2019
awesome thank you so much for this.

My Ethereum Social Dapps Review

4 Oct 2019 Scott Cunningham

05 October 2019
Awesome Scott. Thank you so much on this.

Introducing Dentacoin with Free reward 3000000 DCN!

24 Sep 2019 Crypto Beeporter!

24 September 2019
Awesome dentacoin helps Filipinos for dental.

How To Get Test Ethereum

20 Sep 2019 User__________

23 September 2019
Splendid! Thanks for this!

The Hydro Pay Rewards System

29 Jun 2019 User__________

30 June 2019
Good job! hydro pay!

"WEBN is now Protected by Hydro 2FA + 10,000 token Reward for signed up for Hydro Pay "

15 May 2019 Ken(Crypto Reporters)

29 May 2019
Hello try to test right now its working no beta anymore.

"WEBN is now Protected by Hydro 2FA + 10,000 token Reward for signed up for Hydro Pay "

15 May 2019 Ken(Crypto Reporters)

29 May 2019
Hello try to test right now its working no beta anymore.

"WEBN is now Protected by Hydro 2FA + 10,000 token Reward for signed up for Hydro Pay "

15 May 2019 Ken(Crypto Reporters)

29 May 2019
Hello try to test right now its working no beta anymore.

"WEBN is now Protected by Hydro 2FA + 10,000 token Reward for signed up for Hydro Pay "

15 May 2019 Ken(Crypto Reporters)

28 May 2019
Thank you so much for link your ID and supporting me. Cheers!

"WEBN is now Protected by Hydro 2FA + 10,000 token Reward for signed up for Hydro Pay "

15 May 2019 Ken(Crypto Reporters)

27 May 2019
Hello all, Please re-linked your account now and download the Full HYDRO 2FA,. Since this is not a beta anymore. Please see below for Apple and Android. For Apple: For Google play:

Update from Unibright CTO Stefan Schmidt 15.05.19

26 May 2019 Dan

27 May 2019
How can I contact Unibright via email?

How to add Hydro token to Atomic wallet

14 May 2019 Ken(Crypto Reporters)

24 May 2019
Not a problem cheers!

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francis esparagoza

I am a Computer engineer,cryptocurrency enthusiast, gamer, Action figure collector, Agriculturist and investor

The Crypto Fox


BBOD Brazil Country Lead - Blockchain Board of Derivatives. Specialization in Strategic Management of Information Technology by IFSP. Bachelor of Accounting Science by Universidade Sao Francisco - USF. | |


I am a writer experience more than 2 years a freelance writer to give it a useful as well as add science and insights


my name is onwukaegwu ifeanyi, An enterprenuer and cryptocurrency lover


crypto enthusiast they say knowledge is power and that is all :)


Hi, I am an Australian female, Love Crypto and all it stands for, small time investor wanting to grow my investments.


Family man, COO & lead strategist for leading digital retail agency in the UK. Enjoy deep diving the Crypto/Blockchain space.


Aspiring graphic artist


I am just myself, A crypto lover and a bounty hunter.... Always do what you know how to do


I am a Born Again Christian and I believe Cryptocurrency is also a good platform to share the word of God.


I love crypto and blockchain and writing is my passion includes poetry, short stories, quotes, all about life, love, relationship, yoga/meditation, health, travel and tourism, food, music, photography, nature and anything under the sun.


I'm a freelance writer. Hence I read a lot to gain more knowledge and put them to work.


Hi! I'm Artemio Manzon A Certified Christian Believer...


I'm a trader


Tracking what is being built today that we're going to use tomorrow


i am from barcelona, i love music and my dog


APPICS Senior Ambassador - Philippines Steemit Country Coordinator - Philippines Publish0x Pioneer Author cryptocurrency enthusiast, writer-blogger, customer-service associate, lifestyle, food and career-focused contents.


Just a man in the world working against his own disabilities and trying to support himself by his own work and effort. I trade precious metals and will be sharing my trading method which allows a very high degree of safety as well as info about how to get


A Self published writer of short stories, poetry, etc. I do minor and major acting spots as well as video editing. You can find me on several of ur favorite apps such as tiktok(@sqitzotheleprechaun), instagram (@sqitzo.theleprechaun) & Amazon (D.J Messer)


I am a huge Cryptocurrency investor and collecter. We at Vexedcoin have gained huge amounts of Altcoins. That show huge growth potential. VexedCoin will also become it's own CryptoCoin very soon. For more info go to >>>


Crypto: Hated by governments, banks and dictators. Loved by all those who believe in true freedom. Retired airline pilot...full time crypto enthusiast. #Freedom


I working online for the last 10 years and especially in crypto side I love coins


A farmer, crypto blogger, content writer. A Christian.


Am an avid reader and also write articles.


I'm an electronics, 3D printing, computer science and STEM enthusiast. I like to learn and create new things constantly, and hopefully some of what I do will interest you as well!


Crypto investor


blockchain expert


im an event planner, art worker

Şenol Kabak

I am from Turkey and I am 20 years old


Just Me.

Jowel Hakim

I am a social workers I love cryptocurrency and earn more money


I'm easy going person


I am writer for the blog


Editor and owner of website. ICO, IEO and ITO review... #infographic #cryptocurrency #trader #investor


Unique crypto collectors unite.


Hello World


Born and raised in Austin, Texas. Voracious reader, traveler.


Digital Bounty Hunter / Graphics Artist at large.


Hydrogen takipçisi


Networker, programmer, writer, poet, humorist

Crypto Beeporter!

Crypto enthusiast. trader and content writer


A True Crypto Lover. Crypto Content Writer, Youtuber And Online Marketer. Founder Of Cryptobd School Discord Server.


From Nepal


i love blockchain


I have a wide-ranging interest so, I am a Poker player, gambler, pool player, Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction, people person, in love with life, Meditation every day, Crypto en blockchain enthusiast, Blockchaingames, Live Streamer, Social Media and more.

Juanmi the Robot

A cuban robot with a heart


Continuing the crypto life, XLM, ZER, BEAM, MAG...


Content Creators


Firme e forte


If you are lucky, cryptocurrency may bring some wealth, but I think it is becoming a practical method of ideal life, and I just take action to practice it.


online business


I love cookies

The Kragle

I'm an aspiring blogger, and I have a wide variety of interests. In my free time, I ride my bike, watch sports on TV, and read about cryptocurrencies. Follow me on Twitter: @kragle_t


Sweet but Dangerous!



Joan Altres

I'm a software creator and online seller living in the Philippines.


I love all Crypto!


good project hydro


Good hearted man, lovingly husband and very respectful person in the whole universe.


A retired person


I am self disciplined, patient and determined person.


Nice project


French crypto enthusiast !


Just Blogger :)


Crypto enthusiast


I like Cryptocurrency


I love to talk and read about Cryptocurrency, Diabetes, Kratom among many other things! 1st Breath in the morning=1st Blessing of your day!!


Ben orman mühendisiyim kamuda.Okumayi severim.Gezmeyi ve yeni yerler keşfetmeyi severim.Yeni insanlar ,yeni kültürlere ve mutfaklara bayılırım.


Ordinari man


I love writing about anything that interest me especially about life


Trader, Blockchain Technologist and Contentpreneur. Also founder and CEO @ Teacher Forex School.


A very energetic and happy person


Are you Struggling to set up your WordPress site or blog? An Experienced WordPress Expert having +6 years of WordPress.Can Design your dream websites for you. Give me a chance, get 100% in return..I always try my best for my clients and get the job done


AI mind certificated


Technology Enthusiast


I from vietnam

OG Crypto

OG: The Original Crypto blogger.


Lover of freedom, art, free expression, the universe of the Cryptocurrency, the Cryptoart and my family obvious.


I am human


I am crypto enthusiastic. Currently working in IT field


always learning


Be A Smart, Study, Create A Perfect Strategy, Execute And Take Profit


I am blogger and I do freelancing for a living.


I am crypto enthusiast, hungry for knowledge, bound to be naive, a trader-(binary, crypto, and forex practitioner), a dreamer of attaching an Atty. to my name soon, hating the current system, wants to be a humble labor lawyer


I am self employed 33 year old man from Bulgaria . Have been living in Norway last 10 years . I am new to crypto but i'm learning fast . I study for kindergarden assistant


Love technology,like cryptocurrency..


The first blockchain sports exchange where you can trade and support your favorite clubs and sports idol


Business Owner, Investor, Crypto enthusiast..


user testing proyects


My name is Van Anh. I very like traveling. and like to share learning experiences


I'm just a full-time private employee. But life time employment is not the way to be successful.


...crypto trader & enthusiast


My interest: new technology for improve urban environment, development and protection of ocean, forests.


Somewhat new to the space. I’m here to learn. Love what crypto and blockchain can and will do for our collective futures.


I'm crypto enthusiastic I


I am fluent in over 6 million forms of communication and can readily...



E. K. Washington

Expert portfolio manager, consultant and expert investor.


Health concious.


I will Learn and Earn.


I am a student and I am honest lovely boy and I'm a crypto trader


There s nothing to myself and here you are looking to my profile absolutly to found nothing




UI developer

Kripto Murat

Kripto murat


Crypto Trader


A man of integrity and humbled


Just for fun


About crypto news & popular trend life👷 (zach)


I love world




Artist, Photographer, Writer, Creative Innovator, Website / Graphic Designer, & HR Manager in West Jordan, Utah. I enjoy learning new things, traveling to historic, paranormal, and abandoned locations, rock hounding, museums, technology, and the abstract.


Hello and Welcome to papacrypto in here you will get allot off good thing how to start and gain some crypto for free


i like dollar


I want earn some money online so I enter this


Cryptocurrency enthusiast, tour guide, radio broadcast producer and graphic designer. Freedom of Thought and Solidarity Supporter.


A great crypto enthusiast and miner.