Lost or Forgotten Password - A Major Problem In The Online World

Keeping your accounts safe and changing your passwords every once in a while should really be done to protect your accounts whether it is on social media, your email, your trading accounts access, and all of your important sites created.


The Importance Of Backing Up Passwords

It is like having a duplicate key in the front-door of your apartment or your office table drawer where you put all your files secured.

As for my experience, I forgot my password on Facebook and my three major email service providers (i.e., GMail, yahoo and MSN) so I really have no way of accessing back all of it.

I was asked to provide any passwords I have used before so I was able to get to the next phase of recovery which is to provide a mobile number associated with the account. Unfortunately, the mobile number I have linked to all of my social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) is the one I had on my lost phone recently so I will not be able to get the codes that will be sent to me during the recovery process set by those sites.

There is another process that can also be done and being asked during the recovery phase and that is to answer what is the month and year I have set up or create the email address I am using. To my dismay, I have forgotten all those details being asked for me to log back again to all of those sites.

It is really very important to back up all of the data and access that we have for us not to encounter these problems recovering our accounts in the future. It is really very important to write it down in a piece of paper and secure it in a place where we are the only ones who knows where it is located. It is a must so just heed my advice.

If we put it inside our wallets or write it down in our itinerary book (daily planner), there might come a chance these things will also be lost or stolen so our access to these important sites will be compromised. Worst case, even our online banking access will also get unauthorized transactions and will lead us to financial devastation.

The main problem that I have right now is the SIM-Card I am using is no longer active. It has been dormant and not able to access the network since I was not able to use it a very long time. I would have to bring it to the service provider outlet which is located in the nearest Shopping Mall in my place so it is really not a problem for me at the moment but it is really quite inconvenient. I still need these things to be accomplished so it would still take time. It is quite easy for them to reconnect back the service because it is only the sim card that needs to be replaced (most probably a 4G-capable one) and I would still be able to use the same MSISDN (Mobile Number). Thank God!


Other challenges one might encounter during recovery phase:


  • You might get problems accessing sites that you have signed up before which uses Google Authenticator Code
  • The Two-Factor-Authenticator (2FA) is needed for you to successfully log in to sites even if you have successfully entered your username and password.
  • Bank details might be used thru identity theft even if the apps you used have a PIN-Lock since you have saved all your passwords in your phone.

One should really take care of their mobile phones not to get lost, stolen or fall into the wrong hands even to the people we trust.

It is our own responsibility to keep our passwords, codes, Private Keys, PIN etc. to be stored or kept where we alone knows how to retrieve all of it.

Do it now! Before it is too late!

Just a friendly reminder to everyone who dwells in the online world, uses social media, writers, bloggers and everybody who uses internet.


I am now having problems recovering all of these so I am just sharing to everyone this awareness. BTW, other linked email address that you have in gmail is no longer an option to reset your password so it has become now more difficult for us to do this reset and do it as a back up.

I will keep in touch and give everyone updates if there are any changes now resetting the passwords and getting back access to all of the sites.

In all of the earning sites especially crypto-currency related opportunities I have joined before, I will simply go to my facebook account and see the ones I have shared earlier and just try to log in there using the known password that I have in mind. Activation links are also being sent to emails but I don't have access to it so at the moment this is the most effective way for me to get back on the earning sites I have joined before and check for updates.

Thank you so much for reading my post and catching up with me. This can also be seen on my steemit account.

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See you on my next post! Thank you so much for supporting me!



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