Bitcoin Cash (BCH) - A Memorable Trading Experience For Me

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) - A Memorable Trading Experience For Me

It has a word "Cash" beside the top cryptocurrency itself. We all need to generate income in whatever aspect but definitely not to be greedy. Earning a little bit over what we spent for our day to day living is an ideal way of earning money to save up for our future and to spend something for our dream vacation or all of the things we may want to have as years go by. I created this post under "Introduction to CryptoCurrency" topic because I would like to share my experience trading and holding this digital asset on a personal level.

Bitcoin Cash Origin

I have created an awareness post regarding this significant event to all traders who started early with cryptocurrency on my first ever blog platform that I have used which gained a lot of views and shares before. It was last June 2017. A few weeks to go before the so-called "fork".

What To Do In This BitCoin Fork, Segwit, or BIP 19?

I Started to love Bitcoin Cash (BCH) the moment I saw my freebitcoin account already containing a new currency that can also be created as a form of money to use in betting from that site. I earned a few increments of BTC from the faucet that accumulated daily. There is no way for me to transfer the BCH that I had during those times so I converted it to BTC. That was the time I got aware that for every BTC that I have, I will also have the same amount of BCH.

There's no more amazing experience delving into cryptocurrencies than acquiring them for FREE!

Oh yes! I have gotten a huge chunk of BCH credited to my Blockchain Wallet last November 2017. It will only be credited to your account with the same amount of BTC that you have inside your wallet. I hold 1.87 BTC that time since August (the actual time of the SegWit) until November. To my surprise, the value of Bitcoin Cash rose to around $400 each. So it's an automatic $700++ to my account that I have withdrawn instantly and exchanged it to Bittrex to become BTC which then I transfered to my local wallet already in fiat (Philippine Pesos).

At this point of thime during the last quarter of the Year 2017, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin itself are the most feasible currencies to trade due to the high rate of change in USD values over a short period of time. Literally your digital assets can turn into double in 24 up to 48 hours. Many of the experienced traders have been able to get the most out of this event in the crypto world.

Year 2018 is the year of the tokens. Mostly Etherium-based digital assets being introduced almost everyday the whole year and up until now.

There's nothing like what Bitcoin Cash has ever given a lot of traders that edge amongst new traders today. It is still not too late since there are still a lot of currencies being introduced today which might surge anytime soon. Were you able to secure your position to buy during the time its price is on its least?

In this simple chart analysis, it states here that if we bought BCH in our account (Philippines) last March 04, 2019 (monthly lowest Php value), at around Php 6,300 it would actually yield to Php 8,300 today March 21, 2019. Giving us around Php 2,000 Pesos income from the Php 6,300 Pesos we exchanged to Bitcoin Cash in almost 3-weeks time. Having a profit of 76% added from the principal amount we have invested at our own risk without the help or interference of anybody else to avoid fraud is most likely already a good business to start with.


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Introduction To CryptoCurrencies
Introduction To CryptoCurrencies

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