How To Overcome Challenges - Shared By An Unsuccessful Person

How To Overcome Challenges - Shared By An Unsuccessful Person

Challenges in our life are often mistaken by the hardships that we encounter. Overcoming these struggles are the ones which will make us feel triumphant after experiencing stress and pressure from the full efforts we put ourselves with. This topic is almost being shared by a lot of life coaches who are successful in life or their chosen field but the most effective way we can surpass these trials are from the stories of the common people who struggles from their day to day living. Because most of us experience the same way and the best story to share is none other than our own story full of failures.

In each one's point of view, we may perceive challenges as obstacles in achieving our set goals to hit over a certain period of time. Nonetheless, if we are not able to make it then we think of it as one of our frustrations in life.

Each one of us has different stories to tell how we encounter the hardships in life. It may be different from how we overcome it but the struggle is real. This is how I wanted to share these tips by how common people managed to do it.

In my point of view being a simple person who has not been able to achieve the most triumphant successful venture in my life, struggling from my everyday living, and not been able to get the financial freedom as most people wish to have, challenges are really a part of everyone's life. We need to deal with it all the time.

Challenges can be taken as a form of opportunity so that will soon turn our efforts to become successful in what we do.

These Are The Things How I Overcome Challenges


1. Always have a positive outlook in life.

I certainly believe in the laws of attraction. When we wake up in the morning and think of positive thoughts which will make us feel glad then I strongly believe that things will go along to our favor. Having a strong mindset and preconditioning things out that nothing will go out wrong with whatever we have planned will definitely have a positive outcome. You must execute the process of the things you have planned and be able to avoid failures along the way.


2. Be Open-Minded.

Making a big deal out of the differences from each point of views will somehow create a negative vibes if we just only focus on what we believed in. We should accept diversity in all aspects and be able to deal with it the way we believed in it.

How can we accept differences?

Try doing something new from time to time. This way, we may be able to experience certain kind of challenges and in the long run, we already know how to respond or act to different kinds of perception from other people and respect their perspectives.


3. Set Realistic Goals.

Planning things out whenever we are faced with a new endeavor will always make us aware of the things that could go wrong along the process. Setting standards and hitting the goals will always lead to a successful journey towards what we are aiming for. We must make sure that we can hit these goals and be able to adjust whenever we were not able to do so. In my case, my mañana habit or being lazy hinders me to overcome challenges in my life. I will then be prepared if I lost track of the goals I have set when this happens.


4. Don't be hard on yourself.

Whenever goals are not achieved the way it has been planned, there is always a new day for us to begin with. I certainly failed a lot of times in my life. There are a lot of things I have started but its outcome was not favorable as a result. I always make myself strong by standing up and doing it again. It may not be the next day that I should begin with but the day I was able to realize the reason why I failed and not do the same mistake again. I may have a few regrets from all these failures but not taking it seriously makes me feel eager to do the second or even the third chance.


5. Always picture a great outcome inside our thoughts.

Seeing a picture of a "great life" inside our thoughts as an outcome from all the efforts we invested is a great motivation to succeed in whatever aspect in life.

This will give us the eagerness to push ourselves to our limits to surpass anything that comes our way achieving that wonderful sight we have always thought of. The best practices to achieve our goals in life will be very easy for us to do.

Who wouldn't want to spend a splendid vacation on an island-paradise from your meager salary as an employee?
In this case, this person will always turn out to be the best version of himself each day of his life just to achieve his goal.


6. Mingle with people sharing the same goals just like you do.

Being with same-minded people either competing with each other will give us a greater amount of motivation to seek for the same goal you all want to achieve. Any challenges that might occur along everyone's way will certainly be very easy to handle. Be one with them and not go against these people. They could be helpful along the way as you tread the same path.


7. Adapting to the pressure-filled environment.

How could one adapt to the dynamic environment that constantly driven with change? We should make ourselves versatile by just accepting anything new in our life without hesitations. These things are similar to the challenges most people experience. If they were able to adapt easily, then so can we.


8. You should believe in yourself that you can do it.

Having the right amount of confidence in yourself that you will overcome the obstacles in life or what we call challenges will make you get what you want in a certain period of time. It may not be today or as what me might be expecting but surely given in God's time. I have the right amount of confidence to share this helpful tips to everyone even though I, myself, is considerably not successful too.


9. Do not let your emotions stop you from trying again after each failures

Self-pity often distracts us after not being able to get what we want. Just let it go and try another strategy of starting all over again. There is a popular saying: Try and try until you succeed. It will not be very popular if it's not tested a lot of people have done it.

The last but not the least and my best tool overcoming challenges....


10. Pray that you can make it

I am not a pious person and often times this is the last resort I may seek to withstand all those obstacles in having a good life but this has never let me down. Though it is unacceptable to seek help from above only whenever we are in great need but it is our greatest tool to win over these trials.

Everything in this world even from a molecular level is designed and planned by God. These challenges that we have are just trials to make us a better person and develop this character to be worthy in-front of Himwhen time comes. All the things we experience all goes according to the "Great Force". Either it is almighty God for Christians or the Infinite Entity for non-believers.

Let's all know how to endure pain, hardships and challenges because it is always a part of life. In every triumph everyone achieves, there have been hundreds if not thousands of challenges encountered.

Eventually, our realistic success story will soon be shared as common people can easily relate to because we are just like the most of them surviving everyday of our life.

Grateful for everyone who will read the these tips shared and will certainly be very happy to read comments on how you overcome challenges by yourself.

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