Hive a hard fork of Steem!

Hive a hard fork of Steem!

By ilnegro | ilnegro | 18 Mar 2020

And finnally the Steem community decided to hard fork from steem and steemit and let Justin Sun take Steem blockchain but, probably, loose all or quite all people and dapps actually on steem.



The Hive blockchain launch will be at 10am EST, Friday, March 20th.




So a brand new blockchain with a brand new crypto, named HIVE will take place just in few days.




The hard fork will be a copy and paste of Steem/Steemit and all people will find an account exacly identical of the one they have on Steemit.




An initial airdrop will let all have as HIVE as STEEM, Hive Power and Hive Based Dollar.

Everybody except Justin Sun and all the puppet witnesses he create to take the control of Steem and centralize the blockchain.

Now we have to wait just few days to understand how many dapps and how many exchange will use the new blockchain and the new coin.


Here you can find the announcement


The new blog site


Hive site


If you have a user name in steemit, you will use the same key to login and manage you new account in Hive, so you will be in without any action.


I was born, I am currently alive, sooner or later I will die



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