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Blurt is up and running!

6 Jul 2020 1 minute read 1 comment ilnegro

As you may know Blurt left on July 4th.I can't say it's already at 100%, there are still a lot of things to fix, but, in essence, as promised, the blockchain started on July 4th. In the intentions Blurt does not want to compete with Steemit or Hive,...

Autarky due to COVID-19

22 Apr 2020 1 minute read 0 comments ilnegro

In this period of forced autarky, in addition to making cakes and cooking as much as I can, we have also undertaken other activities. First of all, taking into account that for a long time it has not been possible to even bring the child to th...

Better die a hero than live a coward

21 Apr 2020 6 minute read 0 comments ilnegro

Starting from the epidemic of COVID-19 and how the various nations have reacted to this problem, I want to make a broader and more general discussion, which invests the modern approach to life, disease, death. In my opinion, we have been maki...

More about COVID-19

6 Apr 2020 3 minute read 0 comments ilnegro

  I return to the subject COVID-19, the disease of which, willy-nilly, we are talking about. I have already talked about it here. There are two aspects that I would like to expand on.The first concerns the phenomenon of the interference betwe...

Guys, are you all right?

3 Apr 2020 3 minute read 1 comment ilnegro

    Thanks to the situation of total segregation that we have been experiencing for a long time, in my case more than a month, yesterday I started thinking about all those people who have gone through my life, who have left their mark and have compl...

Something about COVID-19

27 Mar 2020 2 minute read 0 comments ilnegro

I would like to make some considerations regarding COVID-19, in particular on two points debated in these days. COVID-19 was born in the laboratory or is a natural phenomenon? Although the prevailing narrative tends to exclude that it was born from h...

Mission impossible: to send a registered mail

26 Mar 2020 3 minute read 0 comments ilnegro

  Today I had the absolute need to send a registered letter with return receipt, that is, a letter that has legal value.It might seem like a simple undertaking, but it was not easy at all, although in the end I did it. As a first option it wo...

Ausnahmezustand - State of exception

25 Mar 2020 3 minute read 0 comments ilnegro

This epidemic due to COVID-19 is, in fact, an event that is leading the so-called state of exception worldwide (Ausnahmezustand, Carl Schmitt).We find ourselves, in practice, both in the so-called democratic countries and, even more so, in the...

Hive a hard fork of Steem!

18 Mar 2020 1 minute read 5 comments ilnegro

And finnally the Steem community decided to hard fork from steem and steemit and let Justin Sun take Steem blockchain but, probably, loose all or quite all people and dapps actually on steem.   The Hive blockchain launch will be at 10am EST, Friday...

So far, so good

16 Mar 2020 1 minute read 0 comments ilnegro

So far, so good Image by Adrian Malec from Pixabay   In this alienating situation of house arrest from COVID-19, in Italy, some initiatives have taken hold.Flash mobs have been organized for a few days, the most successful ones are those that...


Publish0x now has his discord channel!

23 Jan 2020 ilnegro

21 May 2020

Publish0x now has his discord channel!

23 Jan 2020 ilnegro

21 May 2020

Hive a hard fork of Steem!

18 Mar 2020 ilnegro

18 March 2020
Hard to say. Buy or sell in this moment is a blind bet.

Coronavirus: entire Italy is decalred RED ZONE

11 Mar 2020 almontubo

11 March 2020
I see that in other european country and in USA the question in not taken in the right perspective. In few days I think that in all europe and USA death and positive will follow the same trand as in Italy, we have taken (I'm italian) all the possible actions, but in the others countries they don't. It's not wise.

Uptrennd opens all categories for posting

4 Mar 2020 zaxby1

04 March 2020
Yep, I read it, but is not so clear, best specify that is not allowed to re-post also a content that was written by myself.

Uptrennd opens all categories for posting

4 Mar 2020 zaxby1

04 March 2020
If I understand correctly uptrennd does NOT allows to repost something that has already been posted on other sites, it's correct?

Steem Witnesses Versus Justin Sun And Tron

4 Mar 2020 Scott Cunningham

04 March 2020
I agree 100% with you.

Steem Witnesses Freeze Steemit Stake To Block Tron

28 Feb 2020 Scott Cunningham

28 February 2020
In the first speech Justin appeared confused about the difference between Steem and Steemit, so I think that the soft fork is a good idea to prevent the integrity of blockchain to be broken.

Facebook’s Libra Has Failed All the Tests, Says Andreas Antonopoulos

26 Feb 2020

26 February 2020
I really don't know if Libra will be out there and when, but evaluate Libra as it wants to be a crypto like Bitcoin or Bat I think is not useful. Libra wants to fight against $ and tries to be a world pocket money, not a crypto at all.

Steemit - How Justin Sun Can Make The Best, or The Worst , Out of His Fresh New Investment

18 Feb 2020 acesontop

18 February 2020
Actually you can buy or sell Steem for example using Bitvavo, that is an european exchange, so there are also non-asian exchanges that trade Steem.

How to enable "God Mode" in Windows 10

18 Feb 2020 DimitarM

18 February 2020
Very useful, thanks!


17 Feb 2020 Otek

17 February 2020
My try is for 11003 sooner or later I'll guess... :-)

Differences between Portugal & England!!

14 Feb 2020 PGLIVEPT

14 February 2020
Ahahahah you make me laugh...

Publish0x' algo fails me again

6 Feb 2020 DimitarM

06 February 2020
The same happens to me, it's very strange because the post that does not appear in the new section is one of my best. Here it is: Before reading your post I just think that there was a problem in the new section, but now I think that also my post has some kind of problem, but I can't understand which problem can be found on my post. Thanks a lot for your post!

Subject Matters At Publish0x Regardless Of Content Quality

31 Jan 2020 Smoljanović

31 January 2020
I agree with you, Publish0x is too much about crypto and this is not a plus in my opinion but a real problem.

Libra coin, a necessary evil

23 Jan 2020 Virendar

23 January 2020
I completely agree with you.

Publish0x - my second withdraw of earned BAT

21 Jan 2020 Otek

21 January 2020
I have sent my first withdraw to my MetaMask wallet and it is lost. The second try I've sent to my Bitvavo wallet, and they are there with no problem...

The complete guide to creating your own cryptocurrency and launching it on an exchange.

21 Jan 2020 MadMaxx

21 January 2020
I think that you can also do the same using I have created my own token using steem blockchain using steem-engine, take a look.

GUESS WHAT WIN 3 BAT #2 (and edition #1 winners)

17 Jan 2020 Otek

17 January 2020
We will check a Close price at the end of 16.01.2020 on CoinMarketCap. I think you will check at the and of 20.01.2020... My guess: 8812.37 USD

Liked Articles

BLURT Whales Making Big Waves

23 Aug 2020 2 minute read comments tomoyan

When Blurt went live about a month ago I thought it would be another Steemit HF(Hard Fork) social media platform just like Hive, and Blurt is kind of like that. I didn't have high hopes to be honest. Initially I was thinking I would just take out all...

Uptrennd first impressions - an unpopular opinion?

28 Mar 2020 1 minute read comments X-51

This is not some definitive review like I do with crypto games, just some first impressions of it that I have had from lurking for a bit, just seeing what's what, getting a feel for how it works, and what value it may have to me. Admittedly I am not...

Publish0x is failing as community: here's what I see!

27 Mar 2020 1 minute read comments alberdioni8406

I have been around for a year now at the platform and I surely see that the community is not doing quite well right now as we can see not much engagement on the articles, being this mostly because the comments don't get tips and for somehow taking th...

MOUSE HOUSE (Original Fairy Tale For Kids)

19 Mar 2020 21 minute read comments Sasha Raven

  It was a beautiful, lovely spring day and all of Green Grove was in glorious bloom. The local birds of the singer cheerfully hummed a variety of familiar tunes, each with its own tone, jumping among the tree canopies; the nearby creek quietly murm...

Theia, the planet which allowed the Moon to be born

18 Mar 2020 1 minute read comments Luke86

34 million years after his formation, the Earth were hit by a planet: resulting matter has become The Moon In the last article I spoken about probably collisions between Earth and some asteroids called Near Earth Asteroids (NEA), but there is 1 speci...

Coronavirus: entire Italy is decalred RED ZONE

11 Mar 2020 1 minute read comments almontubo

Yes the situation in Italy has degenerated, yesterday, 9th March the goverment published a decree of the prime minister (DPCM) with whom all Italy is declared RED ZONE. In fact all the restricting measures of the outbreaks in Lombardy or Veneto, whic...

$BAT One Step Closer To Netflix, Uber, Apple, Amazon...And 250,000 Other Brands

11 Mar 2020 1 minute read comments Brawnd0

More incoming good news!  In what might be one of the biggest benefits for consumers yet, Brave just announced that the Basic Attention Token (BAT) will be redeemable on numerous platforms and service providers, including Netflix, Uber, Apple, Amazon...

Microbiota -ageing and basic changes

10 Mar 2020 1 minute read comments Heruvim78

  When you age, your microbiota ages with you. Most significant changes in adult microbiota are caused by diet and medicine. After age of 65 hormone regulation changes, impacting energy levels, changing the physical activity, the smell, taste, feelin...

Bloomberg confirms what we said a week ago about Facebook's Libra

10 Mar 2020 1 minute read comments

We wrote an article on Facebook last week titled: Facebook's Libra is alive and kicking: Libra & Tagomi In that article, this is the paragraph we wrote: "We could actually see a Digital Dollar that will then be pegged to Facebook's Libra coin in the...


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