How can withdraw LBC tokens and exchange for Bitcoin (tutorial LBRY). 2020

How can withdraw LBC tokens and exchange for Bitcoin (tutorial LBRY). 2020


Hello family i wish you have a great day, today I will teach you to how exchange LBC for BTC ok the first thing you have to do is go your account of library go to your balance then click in the SEND option. After you put the amount you have to write the direction to the LBRY wallet that will send your tokens. But this time we will not only send them to another address, we will exchange it for BTC.


We are listed on several cryptocurrency exchanges. You can buy or sell LBRY Credits at any of the below.

You can also purchase LBC directly via the app.

Traditional exchanges


Instant exchanges

Simple Swap


Decentralized exchanges (DEX)


We will use CoinEX, because in my opinion BISQ is very slow, you can also use an Instant exchange. Why do I use Coinex ?, Because it is very practical and easy to understand and it is not in Korean like Upbit :)


Since you are inside CoinEX you must create an account if you already have one you must log in, ok to register you just have to put a phone number or your email, you add a password if you have an invitation code you add it (here we try to do not use referral links, that's why I will not leave you a link). Ready now you just have to wait for the confirmation email and your account will have been created.


My recommendation is that before depositing your tokens in this exchange you have to go to the security of your account, for this you just click on your email or phone number, click on Account and then choose the Security option. There you can increase the security level of your account, for example you can add a two-factor code with Google authenticator to make your login even more secure. If you do it from your computer you can download an authenticator at and you can add it to the toolbar.



Ready now that your account is strengthened let's go to the part that interests us change Lbry tokens for Bitcoin, first we have to fund the account with our LBC tokens, for that we will go to Assets after deposit & withdraw we send our tokens to the address that appears to us (make sure to copy the address well) we send our tokens this address is ONLY available for LBC deposit.



Minimum limit for each deposit is 0.1 LBC

Any deposit below minimum limit or non-LBC deposit will NOT be added to your account and it is NOT refundable.

Use LBC address to deposit, to be credited after 20 confirmations and available for withdrawal after 30 confirmations. So you will have to wait 30 confirmations to be able to withdraw this takes around 10 to 30 minutes.



Now that we have our tokens on the exchange, now if we can exchange them for Bitcoin, you should go to the Exchange option. We will look for the LBC / BTC pair,69696969696

if you like to trade you also have Technical Analysis tools to analyze and look for a good entry point.

But if you only want to exchange it in the option sell LBC you will place the total amount of LBC that you want to exchange for BTC and you will click on SELL LBC and ready now you will only wait for your operation to execute and you will have your balance available now in Bitcoin.


Ready to withdraw your Bitcoin from the exchange we go to Assets again we choose the Withdraw option we choose the protocol in this case it will be BTC we add the address of our Bitcoin wallet the amount Smaller than min. Withdrawal 0.001BTC and the network fee is Fees: 0.0001 BTC. We put the code of two factors and ready we click on the Withdraw NOW option.



And ready family this is a way in which you can exchange as many times as you want LBC for BTC or USDT. But do not forget to withdraw your money since Coinex is a centralized body and if the company disappears it will disappear with all your money so do not forget to make withdrawals constantly. (If they are your keys it is your money if not it is not).



  • If you are a YouTube creator concerned about COPPA changes. How can you get to LBRY?

LBRY has a YouTube partner program that offers rewards, syncs your content, and only takes a few clicks to sign up.
What you earn
Depending on the number of subscribers you have on YouTube when you claim your channel, you will qualify for different grants of LBC, the coin that powers the LBRY network.



Receive up to 2 LBC (0.06 USD) per view of verified accounts. These reward amounts may change at the discretion of LBRY Inc.

Follow LBRY
You receive additional rewards for building an audience, starting with your first follower and continuing through multiple levels.

  • What is the LBRY YouTube program?

LBRY offers an easy way for YouTubers to republish their content on the LBRY network, interacting with LBRY users and earning LBC. This program is available to new and existing LBRY users; installing or using LBRY is not a prerequisite for syncing your channel. LBRY provides a one-click sync process that gathers the channel and video metadata (i.e. covers, thumbnails, etc.), creates a channel for you on LBRY, and posts your videos to it. Creators are eligible for monthly LBC rewards if they have more than 1,000 subscribers.

To sync your existing YouTube channel with LBRY and learn more about the show, go to


  • How to win 2000 LBC TODAY?


LBRY is offering 2000 LBC to any creator who wants to make a video on this topic.

a comparative video between LBRY and another platform

Make the video. Whatever conclusion you come to is fine (i.e. there is no need to speak well of LBRY) as long as you don't actively express anything wrong about LBRY.
Post it on LBRY and the platform you're comparing to. Add the #lbryvs tag (you can also add #lbryvsbitchute, #lbryvsdlive etc.)
Tweet on @LBRYio and the platform you are comparing to with a link to the video and using the same hashtag (s) mentioned above. If you don't use Twitter, you can send an email to with a link to her video and a screenshot of you posting about her elsewhere.




  • How does the company behind LBRY make money?


The LBRY protocol has a built-in digital currency that allows it to function called LBRY Credits (LBC). These credits are very similar to Bitcoins. Having a built-in digital currency creates an opportunity for a new type of business that has never existed: the first protocol company. LBRY Inc. has set aside 10% of all LBRY credits to finance continued development and provide profit to its founders. Since the credits only gain value as the use of the protocol grows, the company has an incentive to continue developing this open source project, and they can do it all without taking a percentage of anyone's transactions.

The LBRY credits have already bubbled, and the LBRY team ignored it. LBRY is real software with a live blockchain and thousands of active users. LBRY's goal is to increase the long-term value of the protocol, which if adopted globally will make the aforementioned 10% much more valuable than any short-term bubble.



How does LBRY benefit content creators? Can I earn money using LBRY?


If you're making money from your YouTube videos right now, you're likely familiar with the recent controversies over "demonetized" videos for containing content hostile to advertisers. It's no surprise that YouTube caters to advertisers because that is ultimately their main source of revenue.

LBRY is not an advertising media service. In fact, it is not even a traditional media service. LBRY is an open protocol that allows you to publish your content on the network at no cost and allows you to set a price for transmission or download if you wish. Because LBRY is a protocol and not a corporate store, there is no approval process for content to be listed, and there is no authority that can "de-monetize" your videos. That is between you and your audience.

With YouTube monetization, creators earn a variable amount based on viewer engagement with ads. There is no set formula, but we have found a reasonable estimate of around \ $ 2 per thousand visits. This works for a penny for 5 views. So at LBRY, if you charge just a penny per view (a price any viewer would pay without a second thought), you can get 5X the earnings per view you would get from YouTube instantly!

Furthermore, you can share content of any kind: video, music, e-books, images, podcasts, all on the same platform.


With LBRY, the price is entirely at the discretion of the creator, and 100% of that price goes to the creator. Compare this to iTunes fixed price levels and 30% commission on each sale.



  • How do I create a channel?

Open  LBRY

Click on the cloud with an arrow pointing into it in the top right corner.


Select New Channel in the dropdown menu.


Once your name is selected, there is a Deposit section that is below. It requires a minimum bid of 0.00001 LBC (see more on deposits here). Please ensure that you have enough LBRY Credits in your wallet to cover the bid amount. There is also a small network fee associated with the creation of a channel.

Click Create channel once you have entered your bid amount. You now own lbry: // @ channelnameyoubidon (the vanity name without a claim id) if you are the highest bidder.

How do I customize my channel?
First, you need to access your channel from your Publishes page by clicking on it.


You will now see an edit button next to the name. Click the button to proceed to the edit page.edit1

You can now upload your thumbnail and cover image to using the upload option from the dropdown on the left, or you can use an existing URL. If using select the file, then click the upload button. The page will update once a valid URL is available.


Add your title, deposit (can stay the same, higher helps with discovery), website, email, description, and tags.

Click Submit.

How do I delete my content and reclaim my deposit?
Click on the Publishes tab from the rightside of the app.

Select the content you want to remove from LBRYContent

Click on the Delete icon.


There will be two options. Delete this file from my computer and Abandon the claim for this URI. Select the option that applies. Abandoning your claim will release the LBC back into your wallet (99% of the time you want to select this).

Warning: Deleting content is permanent. Please make sure this is what you want to do before confirming the deletion.

Click Remove. If you abandoned your claim, you should see the deposit back in your balance shortly.
How do I edit my existing published content?
Click on the Publishes tab from the right-side of the app.
Select the content you want to update.
Click Edit.
You can now edit your claim information. No need to re-select the file if it's the same one or has the same url.
When you are done, click Save.



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