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My top earning website part 1-" PAYUP.VIDEO" Journey to 73$

7 May 2024 5 minute read 0 comments kangleikrypto

CONTENT what is How do you earn from this website? Earning potential Payment Method Do and Don't Is legit? conclusion what is As the name of the Website mentioned it is a website where users can watch certain v...

Coinbase v. SEC hearing

22 Jan 2024 2 minute read 9 comments Patch

Last week was the most recent hearing in the Coinbase vs SEC case. In it, the SEC argues that Coinbase is operating as an unregistered seller of securities. The SEC is arguing that 12 or 13 tokens or coins listed on Coinbase are securities. But how i...

Your Iceriver ASIC might need a service

17 Jan 2024 2 minute read 6 comments Patch

The mining community has noticed that several Iceriver ASICs have a less-than-desirable thermal past job from the factory. And thus they might need a look over. I will share the info you need and how to check if your ASIC is in need of some love. Wh...

Logan Paul, reform man or still same old d-bag, and what about CryptoZoo?

10 Jan 2024 2 minute read 15 comments Patch

As the saying goes a tiger can not change its stripes. And then there is the story about the scorpion and the frog. And probably many more similar stories, sayings, or anecdotes. But do they hold true for Logan Paul as well? Let us take a look. Cryp...

Dive Deep into Zero Knowledge Technology with Lauri Peltonen

11 Dec 2023 1 minute read 1 comment Dspyt

Watch the lecture by Lauri Peltonen: "How I Learn ZK: A Freelancer's Journey to Mastering Zero Knowledge and Bridging the Gap". Additionally, We have posted a blog post on dspyt Unlock the Secrets: Dive Deep into Zero Knowledge Technology with Lauri...

Demystifying zkSync!

7 Dec 2023 1 minute read 0 comments Ashish Gupta

Navigating the Future of Ethereum Scaling Let me briefly outline the intricacies of zkSync, a groundbreaking user-centric zk (Zero Knowledge) rollup platform developed by Matter Labs. In my recent YouTube video, I have outlined the core features of z...

TrueBlocks Workshop | Thomas Jay Rush | ETHDam 2023

3 Dec 2023 1 minute read 0 comments Dspyt

TrueBlocks builds and publishes an index that lets you explore the Ethereum blockchain from your local machine. The data comes directly from an Ethereum node and can be accessed from your local desktop without third-party APIs. For deeper analysis su...

My Actifit Report Card: November 21 2023

21 Nov 2023 1 minute read 0 comments JaiChai

During my treadmill workout - and of course, earning multiple crypto tokens, I watched the following videos.       Vid 1: The normal histrionic Jerry, but some good ICP info.   Vid 2: Keep wondering when SOL is coming back to Earth; KAS is coming h...

Sam Bankman-Fried testifies he spent the customers money because he was "concerned" for the customers

31 Oct 2023 2 minute read 18 comments Patch

As Sam Bankman-Fried takes the stand in his trial, the never-ending lies just seem never to end. In his media rounds before criminal charges were filed against him he claimed he was just dumb and did not know any better, so how could he be responsibl...

Partisan Divide: House Financial Services Committee Vote on Anti-CBDC Bill

26 Sep 2023 4 minute read 2 comments ZeroRequiem

In a significant development on Capitol Hill, U.S. Representative Tom Emmer celebrated the passage of his groundbreaking Anti-CBDC bill. This legislation, a key milestone in the ongoing debate over central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), is designed...