Just 2 Quick points

Just 2 Quick points

By Qam2112 | Ideas/Observations | 28 Jun 2019

Yeah that's my future wife she just doesn't know it yet

1 If you have come over from steemit check this post out leave a comment and you can claim some bounty


You don't have to be a referral just leave a comment about the platform or simply just your username there that's cool 

I will to do one every week and try to increase the bounties but no promises - I will try 

2 Are we out of Hydro


The dai is a lot more but a lot less Hydro in relation. No idea how this works so if anyone does would be cool to know. Im sure someone can explain it in baby words as im not too technical. Just interested in the economics of it

Thank you


Crypto Sports


General info and some rants

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