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Earn VRA with the VERASITY TRIVIATA Bounty Game

3 days ago 3 minute read Mamaecrypto $0.48 tipped

Sponsored by Verasity WEBSITE | TWITTER | FACEBOOK  | TELEGRAM | WHITEPAPER | MEDIUM | EXCHANGES   TRIVIATA     A Quiz game with thousands of questions on various topics. Earn crystals in the game and redeem them in VRA, our cryptocurrency which can...

Something HUGE!! ONEOS Big Admin Team / A Project Designed For 6 Months++ - Dont Miss!

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Something HUGE!The Next 5 To 6 Months Will be Explosive!ONEOS Big Admin Team / A Project Designed For Longterm!If you Remember the Big Projects Like Profitable Morrows , Razzleton , SkylexThis is Going To Stay Very Long!=> ONE Earn 7% To 3% Daily For...

5 Ways to Earn Crypto without Investing or Mining

27 Feb 2019 4 minute read pheonixdown-dee $3.38 tipped

  Wherever you look in the news right now, you will have heard something to do with "blockchain, bitcoin or cryptocurrencies", whether it is JP Morgan planning to release their own token, after years of bashing Bitcoin and buying the dips to the new...

Bounty0x Tutorial: Decentralized Rewards Platform (Part 1)

16 May 2019 1 minute read BtcSapiens $0.55 tipped

Bounty0x is a decentralized platform where new companies and brands (host) offer rewards to users of the platform (hunters), all of them supervised by other types of users (sheriffs) through different cryptocurrencies according to the task. Bounty Ho...

BlockBurn Indodax Exchange Competition.

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BlockBurn will be in a Competition at Indodax Exchange to be listed there and will be rewarding the voters for each 50 TEN spent to vote for $BURN with 40 $BURN there will be a Google doc to fill after voting,stay tuned at the Telegram channel https:...

How To Withdraw Bounty0x (BNTY) From Publish0x

15 Jun 2019 1 minute read AtomCollector $0.20 tipped

  Many of us have been using the Publish0x platform (my referral link) since it launched and as they have switched to rewarding posts with HYDRO & DAI now it's probably worth withdrawing the BNTY that you have accrued. To do this go to your payments...