How to stay sane during a pandemic

By TheBalanceGuy | Holistic Balance | 15 May 2021

How to stay sane during a pandemic

  Due to covid, many of us have lost jobs and are isolated from family and friends. The uncertainty can be crippling..
What do I do now? When will this be over? What happens then? When can i reopen my business? Will i be able to get my job back? Do i even want  to do my old job? 
Lots of things we don't have any control over.

Our old routines have been thoroughly shaken up,  so this is a chance to take ownership of those things we can control... What we eat, how much exercise we get, whether we learn a new language or skill... You know, all those things we 'didn't have time' to do before.. Well now you've got time.

Step 1. Calm your mind from 'fight or flight' 

with a simple breathing based meditation such as this one... (5-8 minutes)

Step 2. Decide WHAT you want to achieve and WHY...

I previously talked about setting meaningful goals and finding your 'why'. Pay particular attention to the ideas of finding a powerful 'why' and setting process goals (as these are easier to stay on track with).   

Step 3. Make the process goals part of your routine.

This means part of your daily and weekly routines. Here's a tip, now could be a perfect time to create a new routine, just make sure it is realistic, and you'll be able to fit everything in. For most fitness goals that are health related, doing a little every day is likely to yield better results than trying to fit a weeks worth of training in 1 day.  Even 5 minutes every day will be be better than one 35 minute session per week.   

Step 4. Keep it simple

Simple gets done, complicated gets thought about.  Read that again.  By now you should have a kind of an idea of an outline of a plan in your head, if not down on paper. Put that plan through the filter of 'keep it simple' and remove any unnecessary complications. Each day, you should be able to tell in seconds exactly what's on the plan for any given day. This process of refining your action steps into definite tasks can be both the simplest and the trickiest, so if you need help, reach out and lets get you unstuck.  

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