Eight weight loss rules, working at any age

By BOCH | healthy life | 7 Sep 2019


Metabolism slows down with age, but following certain rules allows you to maintain consistency and even lose weight when you are not 25 for a long time.

Nutritionists shared the golden rules of weight loss, which are relevant at any age.

Try to eat less. If you have excess weight that you would like to lose, then the portion should be limited. To keep a slim figure after 40 years of age, it is important to control the calorie intake and try to limit it to 1500 kilocalories per day.

There is a fraction. Fractional nutrition (i.e., often and gradually) maintains a stable level of glucose in the blood, which protects against insulin spikes and extra snacks due to increased appetite. There can be five or six meals a day.

Do not overeat carbohydrates. This rule is also important for maintaining normal sugar levels. Simple carbohydrates in the diet should be kept to a minimum, some of their sources should be avoided at all.

There is protein every day. Its absorption makes the body spend a lot of energy at once and thus protects against the growth of fat reserves.

Vegetables and fruits are a must. The gifts of nature should be half of the diet, no less.

There is healthy fat. With each meal you should eat 7-10 grams of healthy fats (it can be, for example, a teaspoon of vegetable oil, olive or linen).

Minimize alcohol. Alcohol contains a lot of calories, its frequent use contributes to obesity of the liver, which exacerbates the general tendency to completeness.

Move more. The more serious the age, the higher the body's need for exercise, as only this can prevent a significant loss of muscle mass. At least half an hour of exercise and movement per day is required.

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