Coffee lovers are better protected from gallstones

By BOCH | healthy life | 5 Sep 2019


New data obtained by the scientists show that the love of coffee is good for the gall bladder. In large quantities, this drink protects the organ from stones.

"Consumption of coffee in large quantities helps to reduce the risk of gallbladder stones," say researchers from Denmark.

The results of their research are published in the Journal of Internal Medicine. Specialists analyzed the data of 104,493 people.
Calculations made by scientists show that coffee drinkers who drink more than 6 cups of coffee a day demonstrate a 23% reduction in the risk of gallbladder stones (compared to those who do not drink coffee). Each additional cup of coffee reduced this risk by 3%.

Significantly, the lower risk of suffering from gallstone disease was also associated with people with certain genetic variants that influenced their propensity to drink a lot of coffee.


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