Best Miners To Maximize Your Crypto Earnings On The Most Popular Online Mining Simulator: RollerCoin.

Just in case you are reading this and are still wondering what RollerCoin is here is a brief description:

RollerCoin is the most popular free-to-play online mining simulator which allows you to earn real crypto by playing arcade games and/or buy miners to generate real crypto. The platform is about to reach the 1 million subscriber mark and has been around for over three years paying real crypto to their users. Minable rewards include Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE) and the native RollerCoin currency: RollerToken (RLT).  *1 RLT = $1 USD* Although RollerToken (RLT) does not have real monetary value outside of the RollerCoin ecosystem, it allows players to use them as real cash within the platform to buy virtual miners and mine more BTC, ETH or DOGE.* These rewards can be then withdrawn to your personal wallets.

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So, whether you are just about to start your RollerCoin journey, are a part-time player or a die-hard Roller, this guide will help you recognize the best miners you can get in this fun and interactive platform to generate the most crypto possible. 

As a rule of thumb, I think most of us would agree on two things:

  1. We want to make a good and informed decision of our investments. 
  2. We want to maximize our return on any investment we make.

I have prepared the following list which contains all currently available miners, from best to worst as of June 9th. 2021 so you can get the most out of your investment whether you want to build your mining empire reinvesting your mined earnings or investing your own money. Remember, miners you acquire are yours to keep and will continue to generate crypto whether you play games or not.

Take a look at the following list and continue reading below:


Currently, the best miner you can buy in terms of value is “El Monstro” with a permanent mining power of 110,000 Gh/s or a ratio of 1,111 Gh/s per RLT spent; followed by “The Chupacabra” with a total mining power of 14,000 Gh/s or a ratio of 823.5 Gh/s per RLT spent. Each one of these miners are worth 99 RLT and 17 RLT respectively.  

What does that mean? It means that those are the miners that will get you the most for your investment and buying other miners will just not be optimal and your ROI (return on investment) horizon will be longer. Therefore, whether you are reinvesting your earned crypto or investing your own money to build a passive source of crypto, I would highly suggest only investing in the best miners.

However, if you eager to try the platform and just want to get one of the smallest miners with a very small investment, your best bet is the “RollerMiner S4” with a permanent mining power of 1,160 Gh/s, a ratio of 446.2 Gh/s per RLT spent and a price of 2.6 RLT. 

Also, as you can see on the table above, RollerCoin comes up with special events a few times a year where they offer discounts on existing miners as well as special edition miners that usually offer more mining power per RLT spent. A great example of this is the “Clover Lover” miner, which was released during the last event on Saint Patrick’s Day and had a price of 69 RLT, a permanent mining power of 155,000 Gh/s and a ratio of 2246.4 Gh/s per RLT spent. The best ratio seen so far in the platform. Another special edition miner was released during the three year celebration about 2 months ago, with a permanent mining power of 199,000 Gh/s, the most power offered yet by the platform. However, the price was not in RLT but instead was priced at 299 DOGE and with the fluctuating price of DOGE at the time (between 57 and 71 cents per coin) an accurate ratio cannot be provided. 

Keep in mind that a new event should be released within the next week or two to celebrate the 1 million subscriber mark, and it might be a great opportunity to start off with a miner that offers a greater value than current miners. 

Enjoy the crypto ride and happy mining everyone.  


Sign up to RollerCoin using this link and get 1,000 Satoshi for free: 





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