Best Strategy to Maximize Your Crypto Earnings on The Most Popular Online Mining Simulator: RollerCoin - With Calculations

After spending some weeks playing RollerCoin, learning how the mechanics of the game work and readjusting my strategy after last month's update. Here is the best proposed strategy for this interactive, fun and crypto earning platform that will help you optimize your time and maximize your earnings.

And just in case you are still wondering what RollerCoin is here is a brief description:

RollerCoin is a free-to-play online mining simulator that allows you to earn real crypto. Minable rewards include Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE) and the native RollerCoin currency: RollerToken (RLT). These rewards can be then withdrawn to your personal wallets free of charge. If you want to read a longer description you may read this article. Otherwise, let's move on with the strategy.


  1. There are 10 games you can earn mining power from.
  2. Game levels go from 1 to 10. And each level requires three wins before you can move on to the next level.
  3. There is a wait time before you can play the same game again and refresh time between games becomes longer the more you play.
  4. Wait time between games is based on how many games you have played in the last 24 hours.
  5. Your level progress is kept for about 5 hours from the moment you start playing. Therefore, if you reach the highest level (lv. 10) on a specific game by 10 AM, you will keep it until around 3PM. After that, it will start to progressively come back down until it reaches level 1 again (unless you continue to play to maintain your level status).
  6. Whether you decide to play 30 minutes or 2 hours daily, try to play all your games consecutively. 
  7. Test the waters and play the games until you realize which ones you are best at. This will help you optimize your time and earn more mining power in a shorter time.
  8. This strategy is intended to maximize your mining power in the shortest time possible, whether you want to just mine and withdraw your earnings or reinvest in miners to build a stream of passive income. 



The following strategy has been worked and tested for weeks with the newest RollerCoin updates and will work as intended if followed through. Here I prepared a list of all the games and the points you can get from them to the best of my ability.

*Note: Crypto Hamster and Token Blaster offer good mining power as well, however they become too difficult to level up after level 5 or 6 which ends up costing you more time*




Start by choosing 2 games from the following list as they provide the best ratio of points obtained per time spent.

  • 1. Cryptonoid
  • 2. Coin-Flip
  • 3. Dr. Hamster
  • 4. Token Surfer
  • 5. Flappy Rocket

It is highly recommended you follow this order, as they are listed by importance of priority based on statistics and assuming you can reach level 10 l. Don't be afraid, reaching level 10 is not that complicated after you play a few times.

Level up these first 2 games as much as you can in the first 60 games. These games will help you leverage your earned mining power.

Every 30 games you complete the wait time between games increases.

  • From games 1 to 60, the refresh time between games is short and should allow you to play interchangeably between the 2 games you consider yourself best at and level them up as much as possible.
  • From game 60 to 90, you will need to add a 3rd game to your mix. I would suggest you follow the order of the list provided above. Remember, those first three games offer higher points and arr also easier to level up.
  • From game 90 to 120, your refresh time will increase, thus allowing you to add a 4th game to your mix. Continue to follow the list unless you feel you are better at a different game.
  • From games 120 to 150, the times get longer and at this point you will need a 5th game to continue to play while you wait for the other games to refresh.
  • From games 150 to 180, from here on you might choose any game of your choice as you will need a 6th game as you progress in the game and your wait times become longer.
  • From games 180 and beyond, wait times become extensive and you would have to play at least 7 games while you wait for other games to refresh. However, you might also find yourself retrying some of the games once in a while as they are harder once you reach level 10.

*easiest games at level 10 include Coin-Flip, Cryptonoid and Dr. Hamster*



Each game should take you between 30 to 60 seconds to complete, and loading time between games from 10 to 15 seconds. Therefore, each game should take you from 40 to 75 seconds to complete.

Using those numbers and depending on the time you initially dedicate to the platform. (And I say initially because ideally you will reinvest some of your earning to buy miners so they can do the hard work for you later on and generate a small stream of passive income. You can read more on that here.

This strategy should allow you to earn anywhere from 130,000 Th/s to 160,000 Th/s daily if you have at least 2 spare hours daily to play on this platform. I However, a list of expected mining power per time spent and games played is shown below so you can have a better idea of what you can generate with less time invested in the platform, in terms of mining power. Crypto rewards will vary depending on total mining power generated by all players.

*Note that although RollerCoin has almost 1 million users, active players with mining power are only around 70,000 to 100,000 players. Therefore, rewards are distributed only among these active players.*




Hope this article helps you understand the mechanics of the game and improve your strategy. Good luck and happy mining.

If you want to try this platform you can use this link to sign up. You will get 1,000 Free Satoshi: RollerCoin Sign Up Link.


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