Microwallets: ExpressCrypto vs. FaucetPay - Review

By Adrian Castaneda | disruptive_tech | 19 May 2021

MicroWallets are designed to receive and hold very small payments that some regular cryptowallets such as Binance or Coinbase would not take because the amounts are too small. They are a great way to get to test the waters of the cryptoworld and understand how transactions happen. A microwallet allow you to receive very small payments usually obtained through Faucets, games or other applications that usually will reward you with crypto for watching ads, completing tasks, visiting links and websites. Many of us got started getting crypto through these sites. And once you've gathered enough crypto in your microwallet, you may withdraw your earnings to a regular cryptowallet such as Coinbase.

And then, the question arises... If I am going to get started using a microwallet:

Which Mircrowallet should I use? 

I have prepared a table comparing both Microwallets: ExpressCrypto and FaucetPay; their withdrawal fees and minimum withdrawal amounts that should help you make an informed decision. If you want to jump right to that table, scroll down to the end.

I've spent some hours doing research. I have used both and still do and here is some valuable information I’ve gathered about them. Not all wallets support all the cryptocurrencies you are looking for. Some offer you more options than others. Some have lower withdrawal fees than others (which is good for us the end consumer) . However they might have higher withdrawal fees in general but offer lower fees for a specific asset. Some offer you other ways to earn extra crypto within their platform. With that in mind, let's dive right in:



Allows you to receive payments for over 23 cryptocurrencies including the most popular ones such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and Litecoin. Once you reach the minimum withdrawal for the coin of your choice you may withdraw your funds straight to your regular wallet usually for a small fee taken from your earnings. Withdrawals are processed within 48 hrs. Which I find pretty good. Also, they have an Express withdrawal option that allows you to withdraw within hours if you really can’t wait to get your crypto right away. Howevet, that translates to a higher withdrawal fee. 

ExpressCrypto offers an interesting feature: Staking. When you stake your coin (freeze them) you will accrue interest on them. Their rates range from 4% to 21% annual interest depending on the coin you stake. Currently, ExpressCrypto offers staking for Cardano, Komodo, ReddCoin, Tezos and Tron. Lastly, I would like to mention a feature I really like about ExpressCrypto. They offer statistics and charts showing you how many payments you get, from what cryptocurrencies, and from who. On top of that they also randomly reward its users by gifting small amounts of crypto based on your activity which is a nice plus. 


Also a very popular one, accepts payments for 12 different cryptocurrencies including the most traded ones such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Doge. Although they do not have the same number of coins accepted as ExpressCrypto, they have a pretty user-friendly layout. If you are starting and want simplicity, FaucetPay would be a good option. Another nice feature FaucetPay offers is loyalty points, the more days you log in consecutively the more points you get.  You can then trade those points for cryptocurrencies, however, keep in mind you will need to stay active for a couple of months to reach the minimum points needed to trade them for crypto. Also, FaucetPay allows you to trade your coins within their platform, that way if you don’t have enough of one specific crypto to withdraw, you may exchange all of your other coins for the one you really want and then withdraw. Also, doing this would probably allow you to cash oout faster. On the down side, FaucetPay does have a higher withdrawal fee for most of their cryptocurrencies compared to ExpressCrypto. 

Here is a table I have worked on comparing only the coins they both accept. This table will show you the minimum withdrawal amount for both wallets, the withdrawal fees they charge its users to withdraw and a legend showing which Microwallet offers lower fees.

I think ExpressCrypto is winning big time.




Make up your mind and if you are ready to start using either one of them you may sign up for ExpressCrypto here or FaucetPay here. It would also help support my work. 


PS: I will write another article about the rest of the coins being accepted by these two Microwallet giants soon. Stay tuned. 

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