The Most Popular Online Mining Simulator: RollerCoin, is about to hit 1 Million users. Here is what you should know about it.

RollerCoin is about to hit 1 Million users. And if you are still wondering what RollerCoin is, here is a brief description:

RollerCoin is a free-to-play online mining simulator that allows you to earn real crypto. Minable rewards include Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE) and the native RollerCoin currency: RollerToken (RLT). These rewards can be then withdrawn to your personal wallets free of charge.


Although RollerToken (RLT) does not have real monetary value outside of the RollerCoin ecosystem, it allows players to use them as real cash within the platform to buy virtual miners and mine more BTC, ETH or DOGE.

*1 RollerToken = $1 US Dollar*

RollerCoin has recently turned  3 years old and it has been paying its users without any interruption since its inception. Thus, its popularity continues to grow.

Just in the last 4 months RollerCoin has managed to almost double its userbase from just over 500,000 users worldwide to 943,000 users by today, June 4th,  2021; and at the current pace it is headed to reach the 1,000,000 (1 Million) user mark within the next one to two weeks.

Why is RollerCoin growing at this accelerated Pace?

The short answer is that RollerCoin offers a risk-free opportunity to generate crypto, it helps new crypto adopters to dive in to the cryptocurrency world while learning more about it. Therefore, with the growing interest of crypto, RollerCoin continues to grow exponentially.

How do you do earn crypto with RollerCoin?

Three ways allow you to earn crypto:

1. Play free games from a list of 10 different arcade games offered by the platform to generate mining power and in return you are rewarded with real crypto.

2. Buy virtual miners offered by RollerCoin, much like you would mine crypto in the real world. These miners will work for you generating mining power without you having to play games. Miners are permanent. Once you buy they, they are yours to keep forever and they will generate a fixed amount of mining power for perpetuity.

3. Combine options 1 and 2. Buy miners and play arcade games to increase your mining power and therefore, increase your rewards.



Last month RollerCoin launched an update which brought two major updates:

1. It increased the rewards to be distributed between players for Bitcoin and Ethereum. But reduced the rewards from Dogecoin because of how much it raised in price in the last few months.

2. It lowered mining power obtained from playing arcade games to counter automated bots trying to cheat the game. Using bots is against RollerCoin user policy. The game aims to reward players that spend time in the platform, not automated bots.

Lowering the mining power obtained by playing games could be a little discouraging. However, having increased the rewards being offered by block mined compensates for the lowered mining power. And the mining rewards are now as follows:



One thing it is clear from the latest update and new miners being added. The platform is moving towards benefiting players that either reinvest their mined earnings or those who invest directly into the platform as it has been offering miners with increased mining power which translates to higher crypto rewards. RollerCoin aims to stay around for a long time which allows its users to benefit from the platform in the long-term.

What does that mean?

It means that to create a sustainable stream of income from this platform you should start by either reinvesting your initial mined crypto (this will help you leverage your future earnings as more mining power will translate to more mined crypto). Of course, you could also just play and mine one specfic cryptocurrency and then withdraw it to your wallet. However if you intend to generate a long-term stable source of passive income, you should reinvest and increase your mining power.

Why would you reinvest in miners?

Like I said earlier, miners will provide you with a fixed perpetual mining power, which means that even if you decide not to play any more games, these miners you own will continue to mine crypto for you... Even in your sleep.

Do not get me wrong, this is not a platform that will make you rich, however, if you decide to play in your down time or are just eager to get crypto you can seriously generate a passive stream of income which could range anywhere from $1 USD to $250 USD monthly. I've seen players making as much as $500 USD a month, however, they have either invested some money or have started early in the game; probably at least 1 or 2 years ago.

Having said that, I believe that even if you start today, if you understand the mechanics of the game, you can realistically generate anywhere from a few to a couple hundred US Dollars per month passively.

Keep in mind, this estimates go hand and hand with the amount of time you dedicate to the game, that is playing games, or reinvesting your  earnings and/or the amount of actual cash you decide to invest in it.

Either way, whichever route you take, RollerCoin offers a fun, interactive and competitive way to earn some free crypto, and for some, the more competitive ones, a way to make some passive crypto income.



RollerCoin has proven to be realiable throughout the 3 years it has been in the market. Players have been getting paid with no issues since the creation of the game and the game economics' seem sustainable and healthy, meaning it is likely to stay around for a long time. Therefore, investing in it might not be a bold idea after all.



However, if one decides to invest in a miner with their own money, please be advised that the average return on investment can range from 1.5 to 3.5 years depending on the value of the miner you purchase: the higher the price of the miner, the higher the value you get for your investment. Said in other words, buying bigger (more expensive) miners is more profitable as they offer more mining power per $Dollar spent. Avoid buying smaller miners unless you want to test the game with a few bucks. Also if you buy bigger miners your return on investment can be even shorter than 1 year.

RolleCoin also holds promotions once in a while and during those days special discounts are offered on existing miners and also, limited edition miners become available. Which means that buying the right miners can reduce your return on investment significanly down to maybe less than 1 year. And if you combine mining power from your bought miners along with mining power generated from playing games. Your return on investment horizon might be even shorter.



Another factor you might want to consider is asset appreciation.

What is this? Well, with the recent drop in price of most cryptocurrencies you might be able to invest in Bitcoin or Ether and see your asset appreciate in value over time. BTC and ETH price are trading at around half of the price they were trading at a few weeks ago.

This gives you an opportunity to either earn more crypto on any platform or buy/invest in crypto at a discounted price now. And even any mined crypto you get from RollerCoin could spike in price in the upcoming months, making your investment a lot more profitable in the long term.


Good luck and happy mining.


Use this link to sign up to RollerCoin and get 1000 Satoshi (.00001 BTC) for free.


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