Crypto Newcomers: We Have Been Given a Lovely Second Chance

By Adrian Castaneda | disruptive_tech | 23 May 2021

Not many times in life you get a second chance at something. However, the volatile crypto markets have given us just that. 

The bear market has reached us. And it has allowed us to see many of the cryptocurrencies we would look at with a "oh man, I missed my chance" with now a "oh man! I have a chance again". However, now I see many folks afraid to invest because no one knows where the bottom is. We have lost around 50% of the price of the most "desirable" cryptocurrencies within the last two weeks. 



But, let me say something, we should all agree on something: CRYPTO IS THE FUTURE OF FINANCE. 

Now… How the market behaves on a daily, weekly or monthly basis is a different story. Markets work around the general sentiment, and just like with the NASDAQ or any other stock exchange, prices fluctuate according to what people feel and think in the short term. However, keep in mind that, just like in the stock market, if you think long term and you have a long investing horizon - that is: 5 to 10 years - you should not look at these crazy roller coaster moves that probably make you feel emptiness when you see the price drop like it recently has (if you already own some crypto). instead you should look away, as long as your conviction and knowledge tells you so.

Market capitalization for the crypto market has been in the rise for many years now. No one will argue that it is a bumpy ride - as it is with any new and disruptive technology. We have Tesla (TSLA) and its renewable energy/autonomous car revolution, Palantir (PLTR) and its inteligent cibersecurity revolution, Crispr Technology (CRISP) and its gene editing revolution just to name a few good examples that share bumpry rides with some valuable cryptocurrencies. As such, it takes time for adoption and to massify. But we are getting there, the total market capitalization for the Crypto market has been in the rise, and it won't come to a halt, it might take a breath, but it will not stop.


And for the ones that are recently getting into crypto, this is your chance. I am not advising you to go ahead and buy as much as you can... Yet! But do some research, read, inform yourself and then act accordingly. This might be your golden opportunity.

This is by no means financial advice, however, it is my honest opinion. My guts and history on how markets behave allow me to see this "downtrend" or "bear crypto market" scenario as a great bargain. 

Where is the bottom? No one knows. The price can still go lower. However, I believe we are very close to it and it will only rebound even higher than before. Either way, I feel very confident that investing my money today in my high conviction cryptocurrencies at the current prices (and the same applies for the stock market if you are in any way invested or familiarized with it)  will look like a bargain a few years from now. Do your own due diligence, and make sure you feel comfortable and confident with whatever action you decide to take, even if you decide to take no action. Make sure you have a solid foundation to back it up.

And for that reason, I am grateful we have been given a second chance.

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Adrian Castaneda
Adrian Castaneda

In the Crypto journey - Westfield State University Long-Term Stock Market Investor


Here I will be sharing my thoughts and findings about disruptive technologies as well as technologies I find relevant for the near and far future. Enjoy the ride and stay up to date.

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