Taco Tuesday - Everything you need to know about the Taco Universe

By TrocProcLock | Earning that Crypto | 27 May 2022

In this walkthrough/guide we are going to be talking about 3 different cryptocurrencies: WAX, TACO, SHING. WAX is the blockchain that the Taco Universe lives on and TACO and SHING are the two game currencies. Taco is basically the main token and SHING is sort of like the reward token if you will.

I could not get Coingecko to show live prices for these 2 coins so I will put them here but it will not be live data.:
TACO = $0.2131488 USD
SHING = $0.00002854 USD

Before we get into the game of the Taco Universe I want to talk about Taco and how to earn it. There is an Android and iOS app called "Taco - WAX Utility Tools (Early Access)"


There are many things you can do in this app but more importantly you can claim free TACO every hour. That is right, there is a faucet within the app. You get small amounts of TACO but it is free TACO.


The other cool part of this app is that you can unlock new features. You need to pay a certain amount of TACO and you can unlock various other WAX based game/defi apps. Here are just a few options you can unlock.


For example if you pay 20 TACO to unlock CAIT, you can claim all the CAIT faucets from this app. It makes the TACO app a one stop shop for many WAX based games and projects. It also accurately shows you all your tokens on the WAX blockchain which is nice and as with any decent app like this you can swap tokens within the app as well. 

So now that you have some TACO what do you do? That is where Brigade comes into play ladies and gentlemen.


Brigade is Taco Universe’s first Free-to-Play, Play-to-Earn, accessible from both the Website and the Taco Universe App. Play now for free!

That description is a little misleading but at the same time 100% truthful. You do NOT have to spend anything to start "playing" the game. However to actually 'play play' the game you need to invest some WAX into the game. And I have my sights set on truly running my own Taco stand in the metaverse. So I will walk you through everything you can do in the game. My goal is to get to a point where I can have a venue that you all can stake to and use as a faucet. I intend to set the fee to the minimum and hopefully let everyone get better rewards from my venue as opposed to other venues.

But TrocProcLock what is a Venue? I know, I know I will get to that I promise. But first there is 1 more mobile app we need to download and it is called "Taco Universe - WAX Gaming (Early Access). There is also a website/URL that you can do everything from as well: https://tacocrypto.io. There are 3 sections I want to talk about first to give you an overview of the Taco Brigade game.


These are basically just passive mining NFT's. You buy a Extractor and you earn passive SHING. You can claim this at any time and collect all that it has mined since your last claim.


You can see that I have a Farm Extractor and it earns 10.08 SHING per hour. That is 241.92 SHING per day. You can have multiple Extractors and they stack so if I had two Farm Extractors I would earn 20.16 SHING per hour instead. Here are the various Extractors you can purchase on the secondary market:




This is where the fun begins for me personally. I bought a Pepper Stand on the secondary market for one purpose. To create a stackable Venue to benefit everyone. I have upgraded it to level 4 already and will keep upgrading it until I can't afford to anymore haha.


Venues also earn you passive SHING income as well. How much they earn depend on their rarity and their levels. So for example I have a Level 4 Pepper Stand (which is a common Venue)



In this last image look on the far left section and you can see at level 2 a Stand earns 10.49 SHING per hour. Once I get it up to a level 9 it will earn 12.05 SHING per hour. My end goal is to get it to level 100 so that I can be used by you guys as well. The Venues are the heart of the game. If you own you and you level it up enough you can create a place where other players can mine from in 'Brigade' (the next section). You can also create ingredients from it as well. There is a neat calculator that shows you what you need to upgrade all the way.


Basically I will need 13,842.68 WAX at current market prices to get to level 100. That is never going to happen on my own. So I am hoping that I can make some WAX from other games to supplement the cost and also maybe sell off some SHING to make up some WAX as well. My Venue can only produce Peppers which I will need 24 of but the rest of the ingredients I will have to purchase on Atomic Hub.



This is where you all can start playing today with no investment. In the Brigade section it is basically a faucet. You need to select a Venue to work at. The Venues you can pick from are all level 100 or higher. (Which is where I want to get to so you all can work at my Venue). Each Venue owner can select the fee they charge. It starts at 5% and goes up to 26% I believe. A lot of Venue owners right now like to switch between 5% to 20+% to get people to start working there and then switch it on them and hope they won't notice. Luckily it is easy to see the fee and also easy to switch.


I want to point out the fee by the Venue I am working at. In this screenshot it is 24.9% which is insane. See the highlighted red section below.


What I do is every morning before I make my first claim I check the fee. If it is higher then 5% then I switch Venue to a 5% one. For the rest of the day it's basically muscle memory in claiming. By clicking the claim button at the bottom you will be rewarded some SHING. You can do this every 2 hours.

To earn even more SHING you can equip items. I have a "Starting Pan" and a "Dishwasher Helmet" equipped. They are the 2 cheapest items I could have bought and they are what I have. I am already looking to get better ones. I am not going to list out every possible one there is, but what you need to know is that each item has a Power rating and a Luck rating that you should pay attention to. 

The power rating increases your mining power (which means more SHING per claim). The Luck rating increases your chance to get a Single Pack from the Lottery. There was talks about a Lottery in the whitepaper and other documentation but I can not find any record of it in the website or app so I am not sure if it is around right now or not.

You can also upgrade your equippable items. There is a 'enhance' section where if you have multiples of a item you can enhance it to a better level which will have better stats. https://tacocrypto.io/enhance


Liquidity Pools

This is another passive way to earn TACO or SHING. There are 3 Liquidity pools on Alcor that you can join. The TACO team has released these number for the pools.


For the WAX/TACO pool you can see that adding 10 TACO to the pool gets you 0.01% of the LP shares. So if you are going to enter the Liquidity pools I recommend you add at least 10 TACO (which also means 18.4 WAX at time of writing).


What you can do to help me get to a level 100 Venue.

There are a few ways you can help and I would appreciate any help I can get. 

1) send me TACO or SHING or WAX :) I mean I had to say it right? haha. WAX address is pzyas.wam. I have never asked for crypto as help but I will make a exception because I am trying to do this to help all of us.

2) If you are new to Taco Brigade when you start the game there is an option's menu where you can enter a referral code. If you input my WAX address (pzyas.wam) I will get some extra SHING. You don't earn any more or less but it sends a extra 20% of SHING. So it is very helpful and you don't lose out on anything. It only counts for the first 2 weeks and then after that I don't earn any so the sooner you could do it the better! Love you guys.


This article only scratches the surface of the Taco - Brigade universe. There is so much more to this but I wanted to get your all familiar with the app so that you can start earning free Taco and free SHING.




I just saw this posted in the Taco Discord!


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