How to Withdraw Publish0x payments! Publish0xTutorials

How to Withdraw Publish0x payments! Publish0xTutorials

By TrocProcLock | Earning that Crypto | 3 Feb 2020

Table of Contents:

  1. What are the payments and how do you get them?
    1. HYDRO
    2. DAI
    3. BAT
    4. Earn by giving tips
    5. Earn by receiving tips
  2. Where can I withdraw my payments?
    1. Coinbase
    2. Coinbase Wallet
    3. MetaMask
    4. MyCrypto
    5. Any Ethereum supported Wallet
  3. How to withdraw my payments
    1. Updating your Address in Publish0x
    2. What to watch out for
    3. When do I get paid?

Section 1: What are the payments and how do you get them?


Think of HYDRO as a cryptocurrency that is thousands of random developers all working together to make a really awesome cryptocurrency. If you can image that you are not far off from what HYDRO is. It was created by Hydrogen and uses specific protocols as its life of the ecosystem.


The short version of what DAI is, is that it's a Stablecoin. It is pegged against the United States Dollar. Which means it is not as volatile as other cryptocurrencies and 1 DAI will be around 1 USD.


BAT stands for Basic Attention Token. It created by the BAT team, who also created the Brave browser. On the Brave Browser you get paid in BAT for the ads you choose to see and every other ad gets blocked. BAT is starting to really gain traction and pop up in a lot of places.

D: Earn by giving tips

When you have an account on Publish0x and read articles are you allowed to like or dislike an article. You are also however given the option to tip the author of the article. You as the reader do not have to pay for the tips given, as they come out of a Tipping pool created by Publish0x to further incentivize people to read and write articles on its site. You are not going to get rich off of tipping, but you will earn a decent amount of cryptocurrency

When you tip, you get to choose how much you send to the author and what percentage you keep. You can either give the author 20% and you keep 80% or you can give the author 100% and you get none. Or some percentage in between those. (You cannot keep more than 80% to yourself. The exact amount you get will vary but it is less than 0.1 BAT per tip.

E: Earn by receiving tips

On the flipside of the last section is if you are the author of an article and someone who reads your article tips you, then you receive the portion of the tip. They could tip you anywhere from 20% to 100% of the tip. What I have seen is that if someone really loves the article or finds it helpful then they will tip you 100%. The money you receive is not their money, so they are more inclined to give it to you if they like it.

On Publish0x every account has an Ethereum wallet, where all that tipping money goes. So, all your tips are kept together. If you are an author, you will see a breakdown of each of your posts and how much you got tipped for each article. But you will not see whom sent you the tips.

Section 2: Where can I withdraw my payments?

If you did not notice yet all the payment options in Publish0x are tokens built on the Ethereum blockchain. Which means you need an Ethereum supported Wallet to receive all the funds you earn while on this site. Publihs0x recommends MyCrypto but any I list will do just fine.


A) Coinbase ( is a digital currency exchange. It doesn't look like other exchanges, for example Binance. But it acts the same way under its pretty User Interface. You have a wallet with Coinbase, and you can send certain tokens to it (ones that it supports). Once you have token there you can Sell them, buy more, or convert them to other tokens.
My step by step guide on withdrawing to Coinbase: here


B) Coinbase Wallet (

Now Coinbase Wallet is a completely different Wallet then Coinbase Wallet is a standalone Wallet app on your phone. You control the keys to this wallet and as such makes it more secure than a regular Coinbase account. It allows a ton of currencies to be stored in it. The one downside is that since it is not a part of an exchange you cannot Stake your tokens on it.
My step by step guide on withdrawing to Coinbase Wallet: here


C) MetaMask (

MetaMask is a great Ethereum Wallet. It has apps/extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Brave, iOS and Android. If you just want a Wallet to withdraw for Publish0x payments to then this is a great option. It doesn't support a huge amount of currencies but does support all the ones that you earn on Publish0x. This option is also more secure than a regular Coinbase account because you control the seed phrases to it.
My step by step guide on withdrawing to MetaMask: here


D) MyCrypto (

Publihs0x officially recommends MyCrypto. Now if you want a Wallet with more options this is great choice. There is a desktop app and it allows you to create as many addresses as you want. This will do everything Coinbase Wallet and MetaMask can do. It all comes down to personal preference. Do your research and pick the one you like.

E) Any Ethereum supported Wallet

So, at the end of the day you don't have to pick the ones I listed above. However, I have tested sending currencies to those 4 and can guarantee they work (if done properly). In theory you can pick any Ethereum supported wallet because all the currencies that Publish0x pays out with is Ethereum based. Just choose wisely because if you lose your money you lose it.

Section 3: How to withdraw my payments

So regardless of what Wallet you pick and what currency you are withdrawing there are some steps that do not change.

A) Updating your Address in Publish0x

In the top right corner of Publish0x click on your name and select Settings. Then select the "Wallets" tab. Here is where you need to paste your Ethereum Address from your Wallet.



B) What to watch out for

If you are using Coinbase's website, then you need to be very careful. Because they have 1 address for each coin. So, if you want to withdraw BAT then you need to update your Publish0x address to be your Coinbase BAT receive address. Then if you want to withdraw a different token you need to update Publish0x with that’s tokens address.

Once you change your Ethereum Address in Publish0x you will need to confirm it by e-mail before it is active. Do NOT forget this step.

If you use Coinbase Wallet or MetaMask they have 1 ethereum address for all the currencies at Publish0x so you only need to update your Address once if using those wallets.

C) When do I get paid?

This is change slightly for everyone depending on where you live. You will get paid around Monday or Tuesday. I would suggest (and what I do) is to withdraw your payments on Friday to give it time to process and then be for sure you get paid on Mon-Tues.




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Earning that Crypto

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