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By TrocProcLock | Earning that Crypto | 29 Apr 2021

Look the roller coaster ride of Alien Worlds has been crazy. Before the "reckoning" plenty of us were just picking tools we had on hand to mine with and picking a plot of land that either had a good NFT rate or TLM rate. And doing that earned us a decent amount of TLM. I had over 3,000 TLM using that method (granted I was mainly NFT hunting and not to focused on TLM at that time).

Then.. the reckoning...


Everything changed in an instant. TLM was going to be listed on Binance and everyone and their mother wanted a piece of the pie. People started to sign up in droves to play this Alien Worlds game.


It was great for the ecosystem of the game. But it came with 1 huge drawback. There is a limited amount of TLM that was given to miners each day. That amount fluctuated based on how much TLM was staked to that planet. So the more people mining meant that each person would earn less for a given mine.

Around that time I started to play more strategically. And it was easy because of all the tools out there to help us miners. Now to get into the meat and potatoes of the article:

Bookmark this page:

Every morning before I start mining I go to AW-Stats and check the Mining Pool table for each planet. It refreshes every 6 seconds so watch it for about half a minute.


That is what you will see and we need to break it down into 2 categories. The top table is how much you can mine (MAX Mineable) if you mine in that planet). Then the Fill rate is another important field to pay attention. You can see that Neri has a 2.8 TLM/s Fill rate. Which means that planet will replenish it's TLM reserves the quickest. 

The 2nd table is the Staking Table. This doesn't change all that much but the more TLM that is staked to a planet means the more that planet will have of TLM to be mined. So based on the stats above I would pick Neri as I can earn the most TLM from mining there.


Then up on the top navigation go to "Land" and select "By Planet".


Once the page load you will need to type in "Neri" (or whatever planet you chose) and hit enter.


If you find that you usually mine on Neri you can also just bookmark this page as well for easy access the next day. 

Next step is to click on the word "Commission" to sort by the lowest commission per piece of land. You will get something like this where you should see some zero commissions.


If you see any land where it says the "Landowner" is "2cwba.wam" NEVER pick it EVER! You have been warned. That person baits people with a zero commission and switches it throughout the day to a super high commission so that maybe the miners won't notice. It's shady as F. 2cwba.wam if you are out there... I am on to you douchey-ness and am telling everyone.

What I tend to do is pick a land that has a 0.40 through 1.00 commission. The land owner still makes a tiny bit and you still earn 99% of the TLM.

This next part requires some forward thought. It will depend on what tools your have and how often you want to mine. I personally am using these tools.


If you are hunting for NFT's only then you need to find a piece of land that has a high NFT rate. My personally I am TLM hunting and can mine all day long as I sit behind my computer for work and fun for 8-10 hours a day. So I can mine ALL day long :)

Follow this guide and pick a column that matters to you and your tools and play style then pick a land that fits it.


Since I care about TLM mining the most and semi low Charge times I am going to first find one the red lands and then any red one that is also a blue one. Look over to the right and you will see X,Y coordinates for the plots of lands. Go into Alien Worlds and find those plots of land and pick one to mine. 

For me I would either pick Tree Forest on Neri that is at 31:8 or 6:6. Those would work best for me.


One last trick for you all. The last column is called "Land_id". It is a clickable link that you can go to if you are in between 2 or more lands. If you click on them it will take you to a detailed list of every mine that happened on that land and also what tools the people use and how much TLM they earned.


If you have 2 pieces of land that are tied you can compare both of them this way to see which is better. 

With my tools and the lands I pick I mine every 6 minutes and 10 seconds. On average I mine 0.175 per mine. On an average day I mine about 5 TLM.

Which at current trading levels is about $2 a day. That is not bad at all and I hope after reading this article you too can make some decent TLM.


Also remember if you are not going to use your TLM anytime soon you should stake it to the planet you mine at to make sure that planet gets more TLM to be mined.








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