Alien Worlds made me Rich!

By TrocProcLock | Earning that Crypto | 16 Apr 2021

So if you follow me on Noise.Cash you probably saw the play by play of my Alien Worlds and TLM adventure. For the rest of you I will recap it here.

Leading up to Tuesday's Teleport function a lot of TLM based trading was put on hold. To unstake your TLM in Alien Worlds it takes 48 hours. I had 3,000 TLM staked to Neri at this point in time. Tuesday came around and I saw the stupid high price on TLM. I made a decision to unstake my TLM and see what the price was in 2 days. The highest I saw TLM on Alcor was 2.58 WAX per TLM. WAX topped out at $0.29 a piece as well on Tuesday. That made each TLM worth roughly $0.75. In my personal opinion that is stupid high and it will drop

As I wait for my TLM to unstake so I can sell it, I looked at my Alien World NFT's. I saw that the Tools for mining on Alien Worlds were going for crazy prices. I found a few tools I didn't need and I could sell. I also found out that the tools I was currently using were insanely expensive. So I did what any self respecting WAX hunter would do. I sold them super high!

Take a look at the tools I sold over the last couple days!





Now look at tools I sold exactly 1 month ago...


When I sold that Infused Extractor I remember being stoked that I was getting 20 freakin WAX for it. Check out the price history of it.


From just selling NFT tools for Alien Worlds I made 1,015 WAX. At the time of writing that is worth $232. I made $232 for selling tools that I mined for free in a free game... I put zero money into this game and I made $232 so far. But that isn't even the craziest part.

Thursday came around and the day dragged on and on. Alien Worlds was having some issues loading but I eventually got in. Then it happened. My TLM became unstaked. I have 3,000 and some TLM sitting in my wallet. Again I did what any WAX hunting person would do. I listed it up on Alcor immediatley.12ab64aad904586e6318b95e88408b361ce77642593250be89d631f7c8f91285.png

You can see I was about to make 6,060 WAX from this sell. I got a little ahead of myself and about after 800 TLM was sold the price lowered and I couldn't sell the rest. I was way to impatient at this point so I found my transaction on the top left corner and cancelled it. I then resold the remaining 2,000 +/- TLM for 1.84 WAX. I was still happy with this price because in my head TLM is NOT worth this money and any money I make is pure profit. You got to remember I put zero of my own money into Alien Worlds. I am cashing out when FOMO is high and that is okay with me. 

I am going to keep playing Alien Worlds and racking up my TLM but nothing was going to stop me from making a few bucks along the way :)

After about 20 minutes all my TLM was sold and I had my WAX. I logged into the WAX Cloud Wallet and sent my WAX to my KuCoin account. So a note to anyone following my path here. KuCoin has 3 different account. In order to exchange/sell/trade your cyrpto you need it in your "Trading Account", and in order to withdraw it you need it in your "Main Account"


Now that I had my funds in KuCoin I went to trade them.


Now to me the trading screens were super intimidating at first. It took me about a year to understand what was even going on in them. From my experience they are all mostly setup the same. In the top left red box you need to click on the WAXp/ETH pair. That means you want to trade WAX or ETH or ETH for WAX. Then in the little red box in the middle you can see a price. That is the current price for WAX in Ethereum. In the bottom right you will need to enter your Trading Passcode and then you will see the screen asks you at what price you want to sell for and how much.


After that you wait about 30 minutes or so and you will have your Ethereum. What I did after that was I sent my Ethereum to my wallet so that I could use it on later.


So just to recap I made $232 from selling tools.

I sold 3,000 TLM for roughly 6,000 WAX and then sold that 6,000W WAX for roughly $1,500 worth of Ethereum.

So I made roughly $1,700 in the last week from Alien Worlds. Guys that is unbelievable. Alien Worlds is a game where you just casually mine a fake planet with NFT's that you get from mining. All it requires is time and not a lot of it. I have kept 1 tab open to Aliens Worlds for the last 3 months or so and I would just constantly mine when it was ready. 

Along the way I have noticed a few things though. 

Mining with the rare tools is NOT worth it. You get to mine once every couple hours and you don't get a lot of TLM and I rarely if ever got NFT's from mining. Now that I sold all my good tools and am back to using abundant stone tools I mined 2 NFT's yesterday.


I am going to stick to my Abundant Stone tools and mine every 8 minutes. I earn way more TLM this way then before and I actually earn NFT's. I think it is only because I am able to mine so much more per day so it increases my chances a lot.


I hope you all got rick quick with Alien Worlds like me. Ride that FOMO wave and make money while you can!!



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Earning that Crypto

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