Bird on an harvested field

Walk to the River III/IV

By Drache | DrachenTalk | 13 Aug 2020

Hi, today I decided to take the camera with me on the walk.

It's hot today (about 28 °c) but in the morning the temperature was lower and created some nice fog on the water. 
Clouds on the water

A little later the clouds promising rain. But no rain was coming. This year it's again to dry.
Castle Blankenstein with clouds

At evening the clouds are gone but the sun keeps painting the river with nice colors. 
The Ruhr at evening

At the way home I walked along some fields. Some were harvested.
Harvested field

Some not...
not harvested field

I hope you enjoyed the walk.

The way is located at the river Ruhr between the cities Bochum and Hattingen. I took the photos with my Canon 5d and my cellphone Huawai P20 Pro (Title, River in the evening and the not harvested field)

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