Tulip in spring

Some colors in the garden

By Drache | DrachenTalk | 12 Apr 2020

I like how the light has changed over the past three month. Everything is now green and look different than a month before. Right after the snowdrop were back in their onions, some primroses shows that spring is already there. Flowers

Some few days later I discovered this hyacinth. It seem to be happy about the sunlight.

A direct neighbor of the hyacinth is this natural tulip, which couldn't be found often in modern gardens.natural tulip

Her cultured relatives however could be found nearly everywhere.... of course in my garden too.

In the near of the tulips this flower has it's place. If you look carefully one has a small bee on it.

This aubretia grows and grows... Wait there hides an horned violet... Can you spot it? 

By the way horned violet... One blue exemplar lives in a flower pot...
horned violet

That's for today. I took all pictures with my Canon D5 Mk. III and a Canon EF 50mm F1.8 lens. I hope you like the photos. The links below pointing to my blog and to my previous posts relating flower-photos. 


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