Sketch of Emil sitting and leaning, graphite pencil

Figure Drawing - Emil

By DoctorPlatypus | Doctor Platypus | 1 Feb 2023

I haven't posted my sketches from figure drawing in a while, but some of these came out pretty great, so I wanted to share them.

This was a zoom hosted by Gay Men's Sketch, featuring talented model Emil.

This one was the final sketch of the evening, twenty minutes long, and I think it's the best of the group:

Sitting man leaning - 20 minute sketch in graphite pencil

This one is a set of three five-minute sketches. I like the way they interact on the page:

three 5-minute sketches of Emil - graphite pencil

This was the second twenty-minute pose:

Sketch of male nude, Emil, sitting - graphite pencil

And this was the opening, warmup sketch, also twenty-minutes. I can see easy ways to improve this, but it was a warmup sketch, really, and as a warmup I am still pretty pleased with it:

Sketch of Emil standing, severe perspective from below - graphite pencil


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