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Doctor Platypus

Doctor Platypus

Musings on and examples from various creative and constructive projects.

Inktober 4 & 5: Scallop, Flame

23 hours ago 1 minute read 0 comments DoctorPlatypus

With these two pictures, I have caught up on Inktober :D Day 4: Scallop Yesterday's prompt was 'scallop': I am real happy with how the upper shell came out, and pretty happy with the lower part. I feel like the interior of the scallop would benefit...

Inktober 2022, Days 1-3: Gargoyle, Scurry, Bat

5 Oct 2022 1 minute read 0 comments DoctorPlatypus

Inktober 2022 has begun, and I am already behind haha. I'm going to try to draw something every day in October based on the #inktober prompts, and will post my drawings - I'll aim for every day, but we'll see how that works out. You can see how it's...

Bearded Dragon

22 Sep 2022 1 minute read 0 comments DoctorPlatypus

This week (when I demanded an assignment) my friend Kuniko said "I know! Draw a dragon!" and I went looking at dragons on the Google to find reference. Of course, because of the conspiracy, there are no photos on the internet of Actual Dragons, so th...

Wheelbarrow sprints

8 Sep 2022 1 minute read 0 comments DoctorPlatypus

This evening my Wednesday evening art zoom met again for the first week in a few weeks, and I wanted to draw something that was more or less a complete picture, rather than some sort of simpler exercise. I went looking for reference photos, and came...

Revisiting James T Kirk, almost two years later

28 Jul 2022 1 minute read 4 comments DoctorPlatypus

During October 2020, as part of Inktober, one of the prompt words was "rip" and I chose to draw a picture of the iconic Captain Kirk with his goldenrod shirt torn and hanging down across his chest. I had a lot of trouble with his hand, and overall he...

Remember "The Bump"?

21 Jul 2022 1 minute read 0 comments DoctorPlatypus

Tonight's prompt word was "bump" and I decided, against all odds, not to draw something filthy haha. For serious, though, I really wanted to try to capture the movement of dancing, and I think the weird bent-over posture of 70s disco dancing really l...

Disapproving Frogs

30 Jun 2022 1 minute read 7 comments DoctorPlatypus

I have an idea for a little comic about a guy who cleans pools, and the frog that lives in a particularly swampy pool he gets hired to clean. I have been practicing people quite a lot, so this evening I tried some frogs. First I tried to draw a reali...

Green Man is Cold

16 Jun 2022 1 minute read 3 comments DoctorPlatypus

"Why did you make him green?" she says.  I didn't want to leave him in paper-and-graphite, because he'd look like part of the rock he's sitting on. I thought the green would contrast nicely with the browns and yellows and blue in the background, more...

Practicing self-portraiture

9 Jun 2022 1 minute read 1 comment DoctorPlatypus

It's been a few weeks since my lumberjacks, and I have been feeling guilty about not drawing. The host of my art zoom has been traveling though, and it's the sad truth that in the absence of that zoom event it's very easy for me to just do other stuf...

Another shot at the lumberjack

19 May 2022 1 minute read 2 comments DoctorPlatypus

This week during my art zoom, I made a second attempt at drawing the same hipster lumberjack as last week, but this week rather than spend time focusing on color, spent more time on proportions and trying to capture his posture. Here's the result fro...