The Weapon Master: Gloridax Soldier

By dexpartacus | dexpartacus | 15 Jul 2020

This rare Dragon card has a good relationship between quality and mana, I recently owned it and used it for the first time to make this video.

I have to admit that I used it in the worst possible way during this battle, besides being level one, I use it in a Champion III league game, where my opponent had much higher level cards than mine.

I was aiming for the Champions League II and wanted to do another battle, but with such a weak card I wouldn't have had a chance. A league that I then joined shortly afterwards using my strongest cards.

Schermata 20200714 alle 15.24.08.png

Its price doesn't currently touch ten cents, so it should prove to be more than affordable for any player, one of its strengths is definitely having a double ability, flying and shield, right from the beginning.

Flying gives you a better chance to evading melee and ranged attacks from opponent cards that don't have this skill, the shield reduces the damage of the same attacks I mentioned earlier.

Schermata 20200714 alle 15.24.22.png

It doesn't excel otherwise, quite slow and not very effective in the attack because of its low numbers, much better in defense, where the heart at 4 and the shield at one make it cool.

Now let's go on to her upgrading, at the highest level, the eighth, she reaches very good numbers and from the fifth onwards she also acquires the oppress ability, which allows her to do double damage when hitting creatures without attack.

Schermata 20200714 alle 15.23.55.png

I literally love his drawing, a true artwork, my warmest compliments to the author of this magnificent drawing. A Dragon with a tender and nice face was missing, its splendid colors and the sword it carries I find it absolutely epic!

My advice is to do exactly the opposite of what I did in the video, even if at lower levels or if enhanced, the tactic I used could be equally successful.

The Dragon has always been my favorite and I think it will continue to be so, the continuous addition of new cards only increases my enjoyment in this game!

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