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By Degen Token Finance | DegenToken | 2 May 2021

Hey beautiful degen people 🤪

Degen Elon

It's been a bit more than 2 months that we went live on Binance Smart Chain and as many of you have asked for it, we're writing this article to help you catch a glimpse of what we've accomplished so far and what we've planned to for the very near future.

Genesis of DegenToken Finance


The project was launched by true lovers of Decentralized Finance that were tired of scams, rug pulls and pumps and dumps schemes . We used to get involved in several projects as investors and community members and have been impressed by the lack of knowledge and care from many devs who deployed code without thinking of vulnerabilities or running a proper amount of tests before release . 
Our main dev, the mighty legendary @pdgnz guided us to build a whole platform that was designed for and by what we call degen people, which means to us true believers like us in the power and great future of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance. 

We first started with the release of our first utility token $DGNZ the 26th of February on Pancakeswap.
In order to build trust among our community, we decided not to make any presale or pre-allocation for the team, it was a fair launch while we we invested at the same time as our members, in order to grow a sustainable long term community based project where people are committed, share skills, ideas and good vibes to make this project move forward. Many bought even at a cheaper price than we did but hey, that's the degen game.

DegenToken Finance project

Degen CZ

Our first and most important mission is to gather degens to provide a secure yield farming/compounding aggregator platform where our investors can have peace of mind from the scams and rug pulls that are sadly way too abundant in the DeFi and more especially on BSC yield farming ecosystem.
In other terms, our goal in to provide a safe haven for our community .
That's why we run so many tests to make sure there are no vulnerabilities when we release new features and adjust our smart contracts.
Our team is working hard to deliver the most secure and safer place in BSC for all of us to have good night sleeps while enjoying the sweet %APY we're happy to offer to our community. 

To see how degen you are, we will offer you the option to gamble your $DGNZ tokens for that awesome adrenaline rush and payout when you win or contribute to our automated deflationary token burning mechanism when you lose. See more informations at tokenomic section below

Degen Token Finance Yield Farming



There are currently two spots to enjoy our juicy %APR and being rewarded as early investor :

- https://degentoken.finance/#/farms : You can earn $DGNZ by providing LP or single assets in our pools.

-https://degentoken.finance/#/compounds : Here you get double rewards : the LP or single asset you provide automagically compounded+$aDGNZ reward. Both APR are indicated on our dapp. 
You can currenty farm all of the following in LP or single asset for some:
Pools will be added frequently, stay in touch for updates.

We recommend you to use Metamask on desktop, TrustWallet on Android and Safepal on iOS for a better experience.
If you're not familiar to Yield Farming or using Binance Smart Chain on Metamask please read
https://docs.binance.org/smart-chain/wallet/metamask.html and/or

DegenToken Finance Tokenomic



$DGNZ : Max supply 42.000.000 is our utility token. 
You can use it to gamble, currently at coinflip or roulette. Expect more games and use cases coming soon.
Contract : https://bscscan.com/address/0xb68a67048596502A8B88f1C10ABFF4fA99dfEc71
Current emission rate : 1DGNZ/block

🔥 $DGNZ Automated Burning Mechanism 🔥
If you are a degenerate gambler like most of us are, you know one fact for certain: you win some and you lose some. We have decided to leverage this fact for the benefit of our platform so 10% of $DGNZ lost in a gamble are automatically burned while 89% are added back into the gamble pot, only 1% are taken as a house fees.
This automated burning mechanism does not depend on the developers to manually send tokens to a dead wallet, although the developers already has and may occasionally engage buybacks and manual burning in order to further boost deflation and helps stabilize the price.

So even if you lose, you're helping $DGNZ price to grow . Let's admit that it feels so good to be able to gamble your farming rewards as well.

$aDGNZ : Max supply 100.000 is our low supply governance token

It allows holders to vote and post new proposals of their owns . There also is a build-in auto buyback mechanism from compound pools to sustain the price of the token . The more the TVL grows, the more efficient that mechanism will be.

We're currently working on other ways to reward holders and plan to turn $aDGNZ into a dividend token.
Contract : https://bscscan.com/address/0xe8B9b396c59A6BC136cF1f05C4D1A68A0F7C2Dd7
Current emmision rate : 0.1aDGNZ/block

DegenToken Finance Community


We pride ourselves on the strong community we have been able to build so far and cannot thank enough our beautiful members for the energy and strength they give us along the ride. We hope to keep up with this organic growth and make everything we can to please and entertain our fellow degens.

We already implemented a voting system available on our website that allows $ADGNZ holders to post and vote for new proposals.
We seek to evolve our platform into a community-driven governance system DAO in the future though to strengthen the community based aspect of the project.
Any help or engagement is warmly welcomed so if you think of any of your skills you want to help with, please join us and feel free to reach us, we'll be glad to greet you for a degen journey  

We are currently mostly active on :
-Telegram: https://t.me/dgnzmain
-Twitter: https://twitter.com/degentoken

⭐DegenToken Finance Team⭐

Our core development team has a lot of years of coding experience, we've been in crypto space for many years and our vision is to create a fresh and unique product for our investors to enjoy instead of just copy-and-pasting the Pancake Swap or Goose Finance contract and calling it a day. So it takes time but we're building an awesome strong and robust final product for the long run and intend to keep on delivering hard as we did so far.
Members willing to help are increasing fast as the team itself, we're very glad and grateful for that.  

We are true believers in the future of degen DeFi and we're aiming at having fun while taking care and keeping on building our lovely amazing community that gives us so much energy going along for the ride


We believe that together we will be strong and show the world and traditional finance how powerful degens can be when they unite around a joint project and combine their skills, energy and good spirit. We strongly believe fundamentals of decentralized finance will allow it to take over traditionnal one and that early belivers will be greatly rewarded at the end of the rally.

What we are up to

We really are passionate and eager to make this project evolve, so you can expect regular updates from the team along with new games and features.
First beautiful NFTS pills are planned to be released soon, we aim at offering competitive vaults, lending and borrowing and gamified NFTs as well. You can see below the first version of our roadmap that might be evolving soon as we have so many ideas and suggestions from our community. We already finished phase 1 and actively working on phase 2 with significant improvements. 


Feel free to check our social networks for more updates, we're evolving as fast as our degen people ask for it and bring the strenght to deliver :)

Love from all the DegenToken Finance Community 




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Degen Token Finance
Degen Token Finance

Degen Token Finance is a yield farming compounding aggregator and gambling platform built on Binance Smart Chain with provably fair casino games


Degen Token Finance is a yield farming, auto-compounding aggregator and gambling platform built on Binance Smart Chain with provably fair casino games. Project is community driven and was fairly launched without pre-allocation for team. We aim at gathering all the believers in DeFi's bright future and bring a whole ecosystem to our beloved degen community with yield farming, auto-compounded vaults, casino games and NFTs. Come and join us at https://degentoken.finance

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