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Decentralized Finance and Cryptocurrency related articles

💱 Financial Mediums of Exchange

12 Apr 2021 7 minute read 1 comment Stuart Hollinger

analysis of the historic process of value transfer — Stuart Barter was made possible by advances that made carrying, storing, and trading goods much easier. The development of money was a significant part of this process. While there is no clear or...

🧩 Jigstack - Cellframe Partnership

11 Apr 2021 3 minute read 0 comments Stuart Hollinger

Written for Team Jigstack — By Stuart Introducing JigBridge — a Jigstack inter-blockchain bridge What is Cellframe Cellframe is a quantum-resistant layer-1 network focused on facilitating secure and scalable cross-chain transfers. Cellframe aims to...

💵FIAT vs Crypto

11 Apr 2021 4 minute read 4 comments Stuart Hollinger

comparing FIAT & Crypto — Stuart The difference between cryptocurrency and FIAT money is found in the fact that the cryptocurrency does not depend on a central institution that controls it, unlike the national currency. That’s why the value of crypt...

🕸️ Crypto's Mass Adoption

9 Apr 2021 3 minute read 3 comments Stuart Hollinger

a study of the barriers to mass adoption for crypto — Stuart The majority of money in the world has yet to enter cryptocurrency. This is due largely in part to the rules and regulations these massive value-attracting institutions have to cater to. A...

💰 Selling Your Universal Basic Income?

7 Apr 2021 4 minute read 17 comments Stuart Hollinger

a study of UBI and the backlash towards it — Stuart Imagine a world where we never had to worry about generating value for the sole purpose of paying our basic expense needs. What if these were taken care of? I have wondered what the average human w...

💸Financial Freedom and DeFi

6 Apr 2021 5 minute read 1 comment Stuart Hollinger

Achieving Financial Freedom — Stuart The idea of being financially free is something that many people have dreamed of. It’s often associated with the idea of never having to work again — just being able to spend all of your time doing what you love....

👻 ETH, Ghost protocol, PoS, PoW, and more

5 Apr 2021 3 minute read 0 comments Stuart Hollinger

a study of PoS vs PoW — Stuart Ethereum benefits from economies of scale through its use of the Ghost protocol. The network can be scaled infinitely by adjusting the gas limit. Gas is the fee required to send a transaction through the network. It is...

⛓️ Financial Landscape to Cryptocurrency Connection

4 Apr 2021 8 minute read 1 comment Stuart Hollinger

How the financial landscape can integrate with cryptocurrencies — Stuart Financial markets and institutions are very important for the economy. In economic terms, a financial market is simply a mechanism that allows a person or institution that has...

🗐 Blockchain Smart Contract’s

3 Apr 2021 8 minute read 0 comments Stuart Hollinger

Blockchain + Smart Contracts = Frictionless Forward Momentum — Stuart Smart contracts are written in a programming language called Solidity. The Ethereum network also has its own native programming language called Vyper, and they are essentially sma...

💎 Altcoins and Their Usefulness

2 Apr 2021 4 minute read 0 comments Stuart Hollinger

a Study of Altcoins — Stuart Cryptocurrencies can be used for cloud storage solutions by the use of decentralized and distributed ledgers. Users can pay for a computer’s storage space with digital money. In addition, there are a certain number of al...